NEW MEMBER SERVICE!  Introducing OSOT's Find-A-Mentor Online Tool

OSOT is working to serve you better!  Members have identified a need and keen interest to be able find and develop mentorship relationships with other members.  The new online Find-a-Mentor Tool has been developed as one step to address this need.

The OSOT Mentorship Program is about members supporting members, and aims to facilitate a member’s access to member occupational therapists who are willing to assume a mentorship role with the goal of enabling a meaningful mentorship relationship. Through a member-protected on-line portal, OTs seeking mentors can search the OSOT database to find potential mentors with the skills and experience they are looking for.

OSOT's Find-a-Mentor Tool connects you to your membership network and enables you to find colleagues who meet your search criteria and have expressed an interest and willingness to mentor.  Simply enter your search criteria to access names and contact information.  Then it's up to you to reach out and interact with potential mentors - identify your needs and determine whether there is a fit for either a more informal e-partnership (i.e.: ad-hoc emails, calls etc.) or something more formal.

Learn more about the OSOT Find-a-Mentor Tool and view OSOT’s tips and resources to support your mentorship relationship.