OSOT Honours OSOT Research Fund 2018 Grant Recipients

The OSOT Research Fund is a member supported research fund that funds and advances occupational therapy research in Ontario.  The Society is pleased to announce the 2018 recipients of OSOTRF Grants.

  • Dorothy Kessler, PhD, OT Reg. (Ont.) - recipient of the OSOT Strategic Priorities Research Grant - $10,000 
    Congratulations are extended to Dorothy who is funded for her research “Occupational Performance Coaching for stroke survivors (OPC-Stroke) integrated into community stroke rehabilitation” .

Background:  Stroke is a leading cause of disability in Canada, affecting a person's ability to re-engage in important life activities.  Occupational Performance Coaching for stroke survivors (OPC-Stroke) is a promising approach that aims to promote participation in these activities through addressing stroke survivors' needs for emotional support, individualized education, and control through a collaborative process of goal setting and problem solving to attain self-identified goals.  This project's aim is to evaluate the processes and potential outcomes of integration OPA-Stroke into community stroke rehabilitation.
Methods:  Training in OPC-Stroke will be provided and evaluated.  A knowledge translation framework will be used to integrate OPC-Stroke into community stroke rehabilitation.  We will evaluate the integration processes as well as the potential intervention outcomes using qualitative and quantitative methods.
Expected Outcomes:   This project will advance knowledge and inform practice in community stroke rehabilitation and other community-based occupational therapy services for seniors.  Through this work, we will develop 1) a high quality  training program for OPC-Stroke, 2) a program logic model and implementation manual to guide the implementation of OPD-Stroke into community stroke rehabilitation , and 3) new knowledge to inform and support a multi-site trial to evaluate the effectiveness of integration OPC-Stroke into community stroke rehabilitation.

  • Julia Foster, B.MSc., MSc.(OT), OT Reg. (Ont.) - recipient of the Occupational Therapy Research Grant - $1000

    Congratulations are extended to Julia who is funded for her research " Understanding the Experience of persons with age-related vision loss (ARVL) in accessing and using community services and resources."

Vision loss impacts individuals' overall health and independence in the community.  Individuals with vision loss list a number of strategies including receiving support from others.  This may be formal supports provided by community services, or informed support provided by family, friends, and others.  However, seniors with vision loss report that they are often unaware of the services available or where to find them.  They would like their healthcare providers to be able to share information about relevant services.  The purpose of this research is to learn about the type of formal and informal supports used by seniors with vision loss, what helps or limits seniors in using these supports, and what type and characteristics of supports seniors find valuable.  We will interview seniors with vision loss about their experiences accessing services and subsequently a focus group to further explore the topic and ways to better support their needs(e.g., creation of a guide on community services).  Researchers will work with seniors with vision loss to highlight common themes.  As more occupational therapists start working with individuals with vision loss, resources developed from this research will assist them in supporting seniors in the community.

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