OSOT Volunteer Opportunities

OSOT volunteer roles contribute to the work and accomplishment of the Society in meaningful ways!  The Society could not achieve what it does without the good will and expertise of its members' contribuions!  The Society is committed to enabling a mutually beneficial volunteer experience...our goal is to ensure that a volunteer role gives back to you too!

Here are some current opportunities that we have available - updated April 18, 2017;

Contribute a couple of hours to promote OT at People in Motion show May 26 - 27, 2017!

OSOT will host a booth at the annual People in Motion Show held at the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, May 26 - 27, 2017.  People in Motion is Canada's largest disability exhibit and targets exhibitors and programs to consumers.  This is a terrific opportunity to interact with our public!  Develop your presentation, networking skills and promote OT.  The show is free so you can take in all aspects around your volunteer booth time.  Interested?  For more information contact osot@osot.on.ca.

Consider a role on the OSOT Board of Directors!

OSOT's annual Call for Nominations has been issued with a deadline of  April 30, 2017.  Consider the possibilities for professional growth, expansion of perspective of your profession, to contribute to the leadership and direction of your profession.  In 2017 we seek nominations for the position of Vice-President/Secretary and 2 Director-at-Large positions.  Terms would commence in Fall 2017 and extend to fall 2019.  Why not consider a nomination?!  OR, nominate a respected colleague.  For more details and nominations materials view here.

Provide Input to OSOT's Advocacy Initiatives!

OSOT is engaged in the following policy initiatives and would welcome member participation and expertise!  Share your expertise and perspectives on any of the following areas....

  • Ontario's new First Nations Health Action Plan - help us identify where OT can contribute meaningfully to meet the needs of indigenous people
  • Positioning OT as Leaders in Seniors Care -  OT has so much to offer...join our efforts provide leadership in Ontario's evolving seniors focused services
  • Increasing Access to Community-Based OT Services - lend your expertise, insights and innovative thinking to our efforts to promote new and exciting models for increased access to OT services.

These can be time-bounded review activities, done at your own pace, or could lead to involvement in group strategizing around positioning occupational therapy to support new program/system goals.  Contact Christie Brenchley for more information or to express your interest.

OSOT Awards Team

OSOT seeks a Chair and membership for a new membership Team!  Established to lend member insight and recommendation to the Society's member recognition programs and awards, the Awards Team will review current OSOT awards and procedures and make recommendations for change, additions, additional opportunities/ways to recognize member accomplishment.  If you're keen to celebrate all that OTs do...this Team's for you!  Like other OSOT Teams, work will predominantly involve teleconference meetings, facilitating participation from across the province!  Contact Christie Brenchley for more information.

OSOT Professional Promotion Advisory Team
OSOT's Professional Promotion Advisory Team engages with the Society's annual promotional strategy, providing advice and feedback on proposed initiatives, supporting the development of effective promotional campaigns and promotional resources that will be valued.  The Team meets by teleconference and is seeking additional members.  A keen interest in exploring creative ways to promote OT and engage occupational therapists in promoting OT are valued.  Interested?  Contact Christie Brenchley for more information.

Extended Health Insurance Advocacy Task Force
OSOT is committed to advocate for coverage of OT services in extended health insurance policies.  While the task is not easy, we're looking for members keen to put vision to strategy to action.  Help us explore this challenging issue and make recommendations for action.  Task Forces focus on a specific task and can be time-bounded.  We're hoping an EHI Task Force might work for 6 - 8 months to identify some strategic recommendations.  Opportunities for continued engagement can be explored when strategic activities are confirmed.  Interested?  It is expected the Task Force would meet by teleconference. Contact Christie Brenchley for more information.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Team
We've had member interest expressed for the development of a new team or interest group with a focus on accessibility, specifically the AODA and it's is relevance for occupational therapists.  Do you work with accessibility issues?  Consult to employers, communities, organizations?  Interested to look at ways that OSOT can support OTs to be informed about and engaged in the issues/opportunities of the AODA?  This team would be supported to meet by teleconference enabling members from across the province to participate. Contacted Christie Brenchley for more information.

Professional Development Advisory Team
We're seeking a diverse group of members who are interested in providing feedback and advice to the development of OSOT's professional development programs. Do you share an interest in knowledge translation, in assuring the preparation of OTs for new opportunities and in supporting services targeted to support OTs to be the best they can be?  Contact Christie Brenchley.  This team will meet bi-monthly by teleconference.