OSOT Welcomes Dr. Sachindri Wijekoon to Seniors Vision Project

OSOT is pleased to welcome Dr. Sachindri Wijekoon who will work with the Society and our Seniors Advisory Council over the next year as lead on the Society's exciting new venture in partnership with AGE-WELL that focuses on our vision for enabling ageing well in Ontario.  

The Society has partnered with AGE-WELL, Canada's Technology and Aging Network to advance this project. AGE-WELL Network strives to create real-world solutions that will make a meaningful impact on the lives of Canadian senors and caregivers. Our partnership provides a strategic linkage through which the two organizations can collaborate to advance this vision and, at the same time, advance knowledge and awareness of the evidence-based value of using an occupational lens to respond to the needs of a growing older population.

What is the Project?
A Vision for Enabling Ageing Well in Ontario aims to promote the value of using an occupational lens to respond to the needs of a growing senior citizen population. Accordingly, the project focuses on profiling the work that occupational therapists are doing and/or could be doing to enable ageing well across the occupational transitions experienced by senior citizens. The outcome of the project will be a dynamic website in a manual-like format that contains stand-alone modules. Modules fit within the overall conceptual framework of enabling ageing well across occupational transitions. Each module will focus on one key life course occupational transition - e.g. enabling retirement planning, enabling self-care of chronic disease, etc. In the context of each module, the enabling strategies, tools and technologies that occupational therapists use to support each occupational transition will be highlighted using evidence and client and therapist stories.

While the project aims to profile occupational therapy as a significant contributor to ageing well, an additional goal is to develop a robust and comprehensive knowledge mobilization component that enables occupational therapists/end users in applying this framework in practice, advocacy and promotional activities.

This project reflects the vision and strategic work of the Society's Seniors Advisory Council, chaired by Dr. Barry Trentham. Council members include:  Barbara Cawley, Dr. Catherine Donnelly, Dr. Mary Egan, Dr. Lori Letts, Dr. Colleen McGrath, Aaron Yuen, Dr. Briana Zur and Christie Brenchley.  The Council will function as the advisory body for the project.

The Society is particularly enthused that this project provides a catalyst for occupational therapists to become engaged in sharing their knowledge, their experiences and their stories of impact. We look to our base of Ontario occupational therapists to be recognized, contributing authors!  

Meet Dr. Sachindri Wijekoon

Dr. Wijekoon joined the project Team in a post-doctoral fellowship position as Project Coordinator/Evaluator on September 4, 2018.  Sachi completed her PhD in August 2018 after pursuing her doctoral studies at Western University. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto's Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Program, achieving her MSc.OT  in 2013. She has worked in Ontario's community sector as both a clinician and a CCAC Coordinator.

Sachi's doctoral dissertation is a phenomenological study that asks, What is the experience of aging out of place? Her focus on understanding how older adults relate to and connect and engage with places through the aging process provides a rich foundation for continued work focused on advancing seniors health and well-being through enabling occupation.

Get Involved - this is a project of our OSOT Community!

A vision for enabling ageing will in Ontario aims to engage occupational therapists across the province who work with older adults, their families or caregivers or with communities or community agencies that aim to serve the needs of senior citizens. Watch for the many ways we hope to engage you!