Celebrating OT Innovation, Flexibility, Resilience, and Contribution though the COVID-19 Pandemic

Occupational therapists have been innovative, flexible, client-focused leaders throughout the pandemic. The profession's contribution, exercised by OSOT's 4,771 members, has been amazing and we're proud of how all colleagues have risen to the challenges that COVID-19 has imposed on all of us.

Throughout the challenging past year we have continued to support each other and advocate for our profession all while doing what we do everyday to support our clients. Many of us have experienced disruption to our own occupations, roles, and even work. Occupational therapists are a resilient and innovative group, we not only find a way to "make the everyday possible" for our clients but also for ourselves and our colleagues.

We asked members to share their stories of contribution, innovation, personal experience of the pandemic and they delivered!  We know there's so much to recognize, celebrate and honour but it's always easier when there are stories that bring these contributions to life. 
THANK YOU to all members who submitted stories, photos, media clips, etc. to create a scrapbook for all to review and share with pride. 

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