OSOT Congratulates 2018 Recipients of the Society's New Graduate Award

Each year the  Society is pleased to recognize and celebrate the accomplishment of all Ontario occupational therapy graduates!  Your colleagues in OSOT are proud of your achievement, welcome you to the profession, and wish all graduates a rewarding career in occupational therapy!

OSOT’s  New Graduate Award recognizes leadership and commitment.  The award enables the Society to recognize a graduating student who has been recognized by both peers and faculty as a graduating occupational therapist who has demonstrated strong and continued achievement, leadership and interest in the professional affairs of the profession.  Recipients are engaged in the profession, they are able to see the bigger picture – the context of the profession beyond an individual’s practice - and have identified and exercised initiative and commitment to contribute in a meaningful way.  This award recognizes and values the kinds of skills that lend strength to professional practice and to the ongoing development, visibility and leadership of our profession.

This year, OSOT is pleased to recognize and congratulate.....