Introducing.... En-AGE!   Visit!

OSOT is excited to launch a new web portal that promotes occupational therapists as key resources and leaders in seniors health and well-being. Focused on sharing evidence, information and stories that show how OTs can support healthy ageing, and continuing personal growth and engagement in life occupations that are meaningful through the transitions of older age, provides an accessible resource for;

  • Seniors and those who care for them with information on how OT can support later life transitions.
  • Funders, policy makers and organizations that serve seniors, providing a tool for advocacy and  promotion of OT services.
  • Occupational Therapists (practitioners, managers, educators, researchers) to support leadership and  innovation in seniors' care.

  • Illustrates common challenges to health and well-being during life transitions using evidence, and stories from older adults and occupational therapists.
  • Profiles strategies, tools and technologies that occupational therapists use to support each life transition.
  • Features 10 modules each focused on one key common later life transition.

Thinking about Retirement

New Changes as an Older Worker

 Mobility Changes & Getting Around  Growing Older Where & With Whom
 Growing into Senior Citizenship  When Caregiving becomes an Identity

 Managing Changing Abilities

 Nearing End of Life

Use En-AGE in your OT Practice

Work with older adults? Think about these ways to engage with this resource:

  1. Get to know the site, familiarity will support your ready use.

  2. Seek inspiration! OT resources, strategies, and innovative practices are shared to advance practice. The commitment to updating with new and emerging evidence and innovations will keep you coming back.

  3. Share the site with your clients and/or their families/caregivers. There's a wealth of information to inform, support discussion, and share how occupational therapists can help to support the transitions of aging. There's even a link to Find-an-OT to help them find an OT when they wish.

  4. Use it as a resource to support advocacy and promotion of your services or new services to meet the needs of seniors. Share with organizational leaders or send off to your MPP - if people are concerned about Ontario's growing seniors population, we think this is a resource they should know about!

  5. Share the content with seniors groups, Seniors Active Living Centres, etc. in a presentation series or networking meetings. Contact OSOT to get involved!

  6. Contribute to En-AGE's ongoing development - this is a growing, evolving resource - we invite your contributions - stories, research, program examples, etc. Send them our way to 

Bringing a Vision to Reality   
OSOT recognizes with appreciation the support of AGE-WELL, Canada's Technology and Aging Network, that provided financial support for the project and enabled the securement of Dr. Sachi Wijekoon to coordinate the project of over a 2 year period. Recently, we have secured funding through Mitacs to support an intern to continue En-AGE's work.

Guided by the vision and contribution of OSOT's En-AGE Advisory Council, chaired by Dr. Barry Trentham, OSOT members who authored content or forwarded stories, and content and experiences shared by seniors themselves, the En-AGE website has emerged a result of a shared vision and commitment to enable ageing, growth and engagement for older adults experiencing the transitions of later life. To ALL our contributors we extend a hearty thank you!

Specifically we thank....

OSOT's En-AGE Advisory Council

Promoting En-AGE

OSOT will be publicly launching the En-AGE portal this June in a digital campaign targeted to our audience of seniors and caregivers throughout Seniors Month in Ontario. YouTube and Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram will provide the forum for strategically placed advertising that links to the En-AGE website. Additionally, a targeted e-blast promotion to 50,000 through Zoomer Media in Ontario will be circulated introducing the site to this audience. Of course, we'll continue to promote the site all year round. Help us promote - circulate it through your networks and social media accounts!

Enjoy this new resource...visit!