Introducing OSOT E. Doris Stupart Leadership Award Recipients

The E. Doris Stupart Leadership Award honours the leadership and commitment of OSOT members who step forward to assume the role of President of the Society's Board of Directors.  Introduced in this centennial year of the Society's history, it is appropriate to recognize the leaders of our past. Hereafter, the award will be presented bi-annually to the out-going President at the completion of their term of office.

In addition to recognizing the significant contribution to the leadership of the Society, this award will assure that our past Presidents remain visible exemplars for members in years to come.

Doris Stupart was the first President of OSOT and it is a fitting tribute to the Society's roots to name an award that recognizes the leadership of the Board of Directors after our first leader.

Recognizing the leaders of our past....


Each of these colleagues has a unique piece of OSOT’s history in their experience and memories. They’ve each played a role in creating the OSOT that we are today. We all hope that every past president and our early founders would be pleased to see the OSOT of 2021. Served by the leadership example of those who have led in past years, we have continued to grow as a Society and as a profession and remain steadfastly committed to the missions set out in the earliest of days – to promote the value of our work. This doesn’t happen without leadership. Together we honour the leadership of our past presidents. Thank you! 

Regretfully, we have not been able to be in touch with all former Presidents who may be able to enjoy this award of a Life Membership in the Society. If you are in touch with any colleagues from years prior to 1988, please help us contact them. We wish to share the sincere appreciation Ontario occupational therapists extend for their past leadership!