October is OT Month - Let OSOT help you celebrate and promote!

October is national Occupational Therapy Month! An annual opportunity for occupational therapists to both celebrate and promote their profession, OT Month is a good catalyst for thinking about one’s role and opportunities to promote the profession or one’s services or practice throughout the year!

OSOT encourages members to get involved with OT Month! We’re here to help – with resources, suggestions and province-wide initiatives to both support members’ efforts and to promote OT across Ontario. 

How can OSOT Support your OT Month Planning?

  • Check out OSOT's OT Month listing of 10 Simple Ways to Promote & Celebrate Occupational Therapy

  • Get to know the promotional resources and OT Month tips and suggestions on the website at the Professional Promotion tab – they’re there to be used!

  • Order your OT Promotional Products for October delivery!  Check out our new custom " I LOVE Occupational Therapy" Facemasks and old favourites too!  View OSOT's Promotional Products.

  • OTOntario.ca is the Society’s public facing website – a ready resource for you to use in your communications to link clients, referral sources, public audiences, etc. to consumer friendly information about OT.  Why not include a link to this site in your email signature always!  You'll find handouts/flyers that build on the themes of the OTOntario website in the Promotional Flyers tab of the website. 

  • Listen to OSOT's Leadership in mOTion podcast series . What better way to celebrate OT Month than to celebrate and aspire to leadership in our profession?

  • Access one of OSOT’s archived webinars. Many are FREE and provide a forum for an OT Month gathering!   Search the listing now and plan an OT get-together!

  • Monitor OSOT’s Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds for posts that promote OT, that provide information or resources of interest to clients that you can re-post/tweet to promote OT. Watch for our OT Month social media campaign (including our OT-promoting videos!) designed to engage you in sharing our posts/tweets with your networks! 

  • Watch for OSOT's OT Month Promotions in digital space!  We're promoting occupational therapy with a digital marketing campaign throughout October that will share messages of our new animated videos and draw viewers to OTOntario.ca.   We'll keep you posted ... but know we're working to promote OT in Ontario!


What is OSOT doing for OT Month 2020?  

Check out all our plans and activities and don't hesitate to join in and support all that we are doing to promote OT in Ontario!  Let's have a terrific OT Month 2020!