Introducing OSOT's Seating and Mobility Community of Practice

We’re excited to launch our first OSOT Community of Practice!  We hope members will find Communities to be a valuable resource to support their practice, to share knowledge among colleagues and to identify issues and challenges that OSOT can help address.

OSOT's Communities are designed to provide a virtual meeting place where members can go to connect, collaborate and communicate in a secure practice specific setting. Members can simply view what’s going on in the community OR you can get involved and participate actively in the communications of the community!  

The virtual community includes:

  • An Announcement Board on which OSOT staff or the Seating and Mobility Team will post information you need to know

  • A Discussion Forum where members can interact – post questions, clinical dilemmas, share ideas and resources - and respond to others’ posts. Subscribing to topics ensures you receive notification of when new information is posted.  You'll view two forums engaged already - Information Worth Sharing and Seating and  Mobility Practice Questions.  We strongly urge that you start by subscribing to these forums so that you can receive notifications when information or queries are posted.  You can always unsubscribe should you wish.

  • A Resource Library where useful resources for OTs relating to seating and mobility services can be accessed at any time.  The Library posting is managed by staff but members can post resources they’d like to see shared in the Discussion Forum and these can be placed in the Library for ready access for all.

You’re invited to visit the Seating & Mobility Community of Practice now!

Access the OSOT Community of Practice landing page and select the Seating & Mobility Community.  You'll be asked to log in as an OSOT member as the Community is an exclusive benefit of OSOT membership.

We offer the following tips to get you started:

  • Download our simple “Communities of Practice 101- Instructions” to get oriented and then step in to start networking with colleagues!  We strongly recommend subscribing to discussion forums to receive email notifications.   

  • View the recent OSOT Seating and Mobility Team Update Webinar delivered April 13, 2017.  The webinar addresses;
    • Membership responses to the 2016 OSOT Seating and Mobility Survey, identifying trends and issues and needs of members relating to seating and mobility
    • Resources & strategies to support OTs working in seating and mobility services
    • Introduction of OSOT's NEW Seating and Mobility Community of Practice which responds to member identified needs

  • Any problems?  Contact

Like any virtual community, the more vibrant the participation the more valuable the resource so please visit frequently and subscribe to receive email notifications when things have been posted!   Take advantage of the amazing expertise and clinical wisdom held within our OSOT membership!