OSOT Advocates for Attention to OT Fees in Auto Insurance Sector

Occupational therapists who work in Ontario's auto insurance system may bill for services covered by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and be reimbursed by insurers to a maximum rate detailed by the Professional Services Guideline issued by the Superintendent of Financial Services. The Professional Services Guideline was last amended to reflect a cost of living adjustment in 2014. 

OSOT is vested in assuring a vibrant, experienced, competent capacity of occupational therapists to meet the needs of claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents. Occupational therapists in the auto insurance system work predominantly with those most severely injured, with complex needs which are best served by those who bring experience and expertise to the sector. We believe that attention to fair increases to health professional fees is critical to attract and maintain the workforce that serves to support claimants’ effective rehabilitation.

Specifically, the Society has advocated two recommendations:

  1. That FSCO address the parity of like professions covered by the Professional Services Guideline.  For example, assure equity of maximum fees for occupational therapists and speech language pathologists.

  2. That FSCO apply a cost of living adjustment to fees covered by the Professional Services Guideline. We suggest an adjustment of 2.4%.

View OSOT's letter to FSCO CEO and Superintendent, Brian Mills.