OSOT Celebrates 100th Anniversary!

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists (OSOT) launched its year long celebration of its 100th Anniversary of incorporation on January 19, 2021!

Share in the celebration! View OSOT's 100th Anniversary Celebration video - a collection of toasts and a tribute to our roots presentation.

Video Tributes  

As we honour the roots of our Society, we are reminded that a century ago it was the tenacity of a small group of visionary advocates that gave birth to our Society but, through the years, it has been the enduring pride, commitment to supporting excellence in practice, and to advancing occupational therapy with evidence, promotion and advocacy that each and every member has pledged with their membership support that we celebrate. OSOT has a history of outstanding individuals and ideas, constant innovation, development and leadership. We have a history to be proud of and it has provided such a strong foundation for our future.

OSOT looks forward to continuing our celebration throughout this centennial year!