OSOT Honours Anna Greenblatt with Honourary Life Membership Award 

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists is pleased to announce that Anna Greenblatt is the 2021 recipient of the OSOT Honourary Life Membership Award!      

The Society's most valued award recognizes and honours an individual who has rendered distinguished and longstanding service to the profession of occupational therapy or to the Society. We believe that we could not have had a more deserving nomination for the award this year. Anna is an exceptional occupational therapist who has shared her expertise, time and passion for OT with many. As a clinician, entrepreneur, educator, advocate, innovator and volunteer over her career span, Anna has been an exemplary role model and much respected and admired OT leader!                              

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Get to know Anna! A few words from her nomination:

Anna has been a practising occupational therapist since graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 1969. She had such interesting experiences in her early career, initially working in two Boston hospitals in psychiatry and physical rehabilitation before moving to Geneva, Switzerland where she assumed the role of occupational therapy supervisor at the rehabilitation center of the cantonal hospital from 1972 to 1976. She subsequently participated in a research project near Paris, France. and then, in 1977, moved to Toronto where she assumed clinical positions in various hospitals with a strong focus on neurological rehabilitation. She brought new ideas back to Canada from Europe and implemented them here.

After 15 years in clinical practice, Anna co-founded Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc. in 1984. This practice focused on neurological assessment and treatment. With great foresight and courage, Anna and her partners expanded the clinic into a multi-disciplinary practice of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Therapy Support Services and broadened the scope of the clinic to include orthopedic and pain assessment and treatment. This was the first private multi-disciplinary practice of its kind in Ontario at the time and has provided employment for OTs, PTs and SLPs for more than three decades.

Anna has always been a leader in her field, integrating novel concepts and techniques into established treatments. Her mission has always been to advance the quality of treatment in her clinical area of expertise. Her passion has been in the field of neurology as she endeavoured to improve the quality of her patients’ lives. Starting in the 1980’s Anna pioneered and shared the importance of the occupational therapy role in the treatment of perception, cognition and movement in an integrated way rather than as fragmented components, long before this approach became mainstream.

Over the last 15 years, Anna’s focus has been on facilitating upper extremity recovery, particularly in the hand, post-stroke or brain injury. Her elevator speech or definition of occupational therapy is “finding a way to enable a person to do something they were told, or thought themselves, unable to do”.

Anna has been a leader and mentor, sharing and communicating her ideas and concepts related to neurological rehabilitation. In 1993, she co-authored “It’s Not All in Your Head: The Physical Effects of Minor Head Injury”, in Disability Today, an article that was early in the identification of the functional sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury. Anna has also authored a chapter in a book and countless publications.

OTs who have worked in the field of neurology have especially benefitted from Anna’s leadership, knowledge and expertise, and most importantly, her willingness to share them. She has been an exemplary and inspiring teacher and colleague who has mentored and trained many occupational therapists (and physiotherapists). It’s difficult for her to attend a conference without someone zealously charging up and talking about the first course they ever attended, where she taught or how they learned a certain technique from her. She has been a sought after educator internationally, nationally and locally.

Anna’s dedication to the profession of occupational therapy and her volunteerism has spanned several decades. She lives her professional passion and pride, actively giving back, and OSOT has been a fortunate beneficiary. For years until 2019, Anna was a member of the OSOT Auto Insurance Sector Team where she served on many subcommittees and was key in the creation of the OSOT Fee Guidelines in the Auto Sector. She worked with colleagues on position papers submitted by OSOT, presented white papers at Queen’s Park, worked on committees related to Guidelines for Occupational Therapy assessments in Ontario, and served on the OSOT committee formed to lobby for Extended Health Insurance Benefits.

It’s clear that when Anna sees something to be done, she gets to it! And, she makes a difference. She has a gift of vision and the generous spirit to commit to serve to achieve it. As her nominators so aptly relay... we need more occupational therapists like Anna Greenblatt on the scene in Ontario!

To Anna, on behalf of the membership of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists, we extend appreciation for her dedication, commitment and passion for occupational therapy and for the many valued enduring ways she has shared with, and supported, OTs and student OTs to advance their occupational therapy practice.

The Honourary Life Membership Award was presented at the Awards and Recognition Ceremony, hosted at OSOT Conference 2021 Celebrating 100 Years! We know members will wish join in honouring and congratulating our newest Life Member.

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