OSOT Launches Digital Marketing Campaign with New Animated Videos!

Promoting the diverse profession of occupational therapy is a passion of OSOT!  We all wish our profession to be better known and understood by the public. OSOT members identified professional promotion as a key strategic priority and our current strategic plan responds to this assertion with commitment to Increase Demand for Occupational Therapy Services.

OSOT has developed 4 animated videos, designed to introduce occupational therapy roles and foci in the contexts of hospital, home, school and community. These short videos provide but an overview of how occupational therapists make a difference and help make the everyday possible for the clients they work with, but remember, they are targeted to the public and it's important to keep messaging simple and engaging. Each video extends the invitation to learn more by visiting the Society's OTOntario.ca website which has recently been updated and now houses all 4 animations. Feel comfortable to use the videos as your own promotional resources! View our suggestions and resources for sharing below.

OSOT will be monitoring use and impacts of these videos with a goal to identifying needs for additional videos to focus on other aspects of OT practice. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Occupational Therapy - Supporting your recovery in a hospital


Occupational Therapy - Helping you to manage at home


Occupational Therapy - Supporting students to succeed at school


Occupational Therapy - Supporting you to participate in your community

Promotional Campaign - May 2019

Two of the animated videos - those focused on OT supporting individuals to manage at homes and succeed at school - have been selected for a month long digital marketing campaign in May. These videos will be profiled  and strategically placed on Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter throughout the month. One of the advantages of digital marketing is the reach to audience that can be achieved. We're working with industry experts who position digital campaigns. After our first week, we're delighted to learn that view and click through rates have exceeded expectations!

Catching our promotions in digital space can be challenging for members. We'll aim to keep you posted and will be monitoring campaign performance closely. If you are able to view an ad placement, don't hesitate to take a screen shot and forward it to the Office or post it on our social media channels to share with others!

How can YOU participate in our Campaign & Use the Videos?

These new promotional resources have been developed to support both Society campaigns and members' needs for resources to promote their own services or to support generalized professional promotion. Consider the videos part of YOUR promotional toolkit! Why not participate in our campaign this month? Here are a few suggestions for May and onwards!

  • Take a visit to the updated and fresh OTOntario website - this resource provides a valued landing site for any kind of promotional messaging about OT and is designed to provide basic public level information and stories about how OTs help make the everyday possible and help people manage at home, succeed at school, recover in a hospital, and participate in the community. Get to know the site and its fresh new homepage, information about OT, client success stories, an enhanced Find-an-OT portal, and more!

  • Add links to OTOntario.ca in your email signature, on your practice promotional resources, your patient orientation materials, etc. It's a simple thing but sends a message that you want people to know more about your profession. Why not share a message about OT and a link to OTOntario.ca via your social media platforms? At any rate, keep the web address handy and use it when it can help you share your passion for occupational therapy!

  • Use the 4 animated videos to compliment your promotional efforts. We've developed an info/instructional guide on how to share digital files simply and effectively. We urge you to consider the following ways to share;
    • Post them to your website
    • Share them via social media
    • Send them to your administration or your organization's public relations departments
    • Link to video(s) in communications with potential referral sources
    • Share with your patients and their families to help them understand what your role and services are about
    • Think about ways and places that you and/or OSOT could profile promotion of the profession - share your ideas with OSOT!

  • Share the strategy and videos with your OT colleagues! In fact, why not just share a link to this page in an email that cues them into our strategy? If we ALL work together we can magnify the reach of our profession's promotion! OSOT remains committed to dedicating 15% of all membership revenues to professional promotion. While this provides for a sizeable budget, it's not large in the world of marketing. (think how big it would be if every Ontario OT was a member!)  We need to be resourceful in finding cost effective strategies for making a difference. This is one reason we've invested in digital advertising....AND...it's the reason we urge all members to complement our provincial strategy with their own efforts! Together we'll make a difference!