OSOT Launches November Digital Marketing Campaign - Promoting OT as Mental Health Professional

Following upon the Society's OT Month launch of the new Mental Health section of OTOntario.ca, the Society is launching a month long digital marketing campaign targeted to promote occupational therapists as mental health professionals.  Professionally placed Facebook and Instagram ads will be placed to attract attention to "Occupational Therapy and Mental Health" and to draw viewers to the OTOntario site for more information about the roles OTs play in mental health.  Members have long identified that OT roles in mental health are less known and understood, despite our early roots in this focus of practice.  At a time when assuring Ontarians have access to necessary mental health supports OTs and OSOT are committed to ensuring that occupational therapists are seen to be part of the mental health workforce.

Throughout the month of November, each of the above graphics will be tested, rotated, used in conjunction with the advertising content below.  While these do not represent the full diversity of OT practice in mental health, the intent is to measure attention to these messages that promote OT as a mental health profession.

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health
1 in 5 Cdns will experience a mental illness or substance use problem. Occupational therapists can help! Visit OTOntario.ca.

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health
Mental Health concerns? Get the help you, your family and loved ones need; talk to an OT. Support includes counselling and psychotherapy. (link here)

Mental Health in the Workplace
Occupational Therapists provide Mental Health support to help you return to & stay at work. Visit OTOntario.ca/mental-health to see how OT can help.

Let us know if you see an ad and where you've found it.  The challenge with digital marketing is to show you how it looks when you may not be the target audience!  We'll be reporting on campaign performance which will inform our next steps in positioning OT as a mental health profession.