OSOT Members Elect New Board Directors

The Society's election for our Board of Directors closed on June 5th.  OSOT members were presented with a dynamic slate of candidates - an opportunity to celebrate the leadership commitment within the membership.  Please congratulate ALL candidates who allowed their name to stand for office. - Milinda Alexander, Stephanie Corbin, Jennifer Keresztesi, Neetu Kumar, Charlotte Larry, Carol Peachey-Hill, Jacklyn Pearce, Megha Sharma, Serena Shastri-Estrada, Shiyen Shu, Fatima Quaraishi.  These are true and committed leaders whether elected or not!

We're pleased to announce the outcome of the vote.  Please join in congratulating:



These Directors will officially commence their 2 year terms at the September 24, 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Thank you to all members who exercised their right and responsibility to VOTE!