OSOT Responds to Consultation on EMS Modernization

As part of Ontario's comprehensive plan to end hallway health care, there are plans to modernize emergency health services (EMS) to meet the evolving needs of communities across Ontario.  In fall 2019, the Ministry of Health amended the Ambulance Act to enable new service delivery models for select 9-1-1 patients to provide timely access to definitive care where options other than transport to the emergency department may be done safely and appropriately. 

These amendments lay a groundwork for further modernization and consideration of new models of service delivery for EMS across the province.  The Ministry of Health issued a Discussion Paper in fall 2019 and invited public response to the consultation.  Interested members can also view an archived webinar on the Ministry's goals and visions.

View OSOT's Input to the Public Consultation.

Implications for Occupational Therapists
OSOT believes that there are important opportunities for better integration and linkages between EMS and occupational therapy services.  We encourage members to consider exemplars shared in our response that have been highlighted in jurisdictions in Britain and here in Ontario in Niagara Region.  As Ontario's health system transforms to more integrated models of health service delivery, hospitals, primary care providers, home care providers and EMS will be looking for opportunities to improve access to needed care - occupational therapists should be poised to make recommendations about how the profession might partner or participate.

As consultation opportunities continue, OSOT will value member feedback, additional suggestions and insights from members' local experience.  Please contact Executive Director, cbrenchley@osot.on.ca.