OSOT’s Virtual Conference 2020: Rising to the Challenges of Change

This year, OSOT’s Conference is a virtul 5-day celebration of survival, of new beginnings, and of rising above our individual challenges to address greater global issues together. From Tuesday, November 17th through Saturday, November 21st 2020, come celebrate OSOT’s Virtual Conference 2020: Rising to the Challenges of Change!

OSOT is proud to offer you an amazing program including:

  • 2 keynote addresses
  • Open forum exploring health equity, diversity, and inclusion within our profession
  • 19 half-day interactive virtual workshops
  • Virtual exhibitor presentations
  • Fun, interactive, social event
  • Awards and Recognition event

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    Register for the Virtual Conference

    OSOT will be hosting daily workshops that you can attend live or view the recordings at a later date. Join in live to take advantage of the networking opportunities and reach out to OT across the province!

    Contact osot@osot.on.ca for questions or to find out more about sponsorship or exhibitor details.

    Our 2020 Conference Sponsor


    Our 2020 Conference Exhibitors

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