OSOT Volunteer Opportunities

OSOT volunteer roles contribute to the work and accomplishment of the Society in meaningful ways!  The Society could not achieve what it does without the good will and expertise of its members' contributions! The Society is committed to enabling a mutually beneficial volunteer experience...our goal is to ensure that a volunteer role gives back to you too!

Here are some current opportunities that we have available - updated October 10, 2019

OSOT 100th Anniversary Planning Committee
Do you have a creative, event planning bent with an eye to celebration and fun?! 
OSOT will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its incorporation in January 2021!  We want to make sure to celebrate and are seeking volunteers for a Planning Team to develop a range of activities for this anniversary year.  We'd like to get started NOW to get the creative juices rolling but we'll be planning for 2021.  Can you lend your spirit to this project...likely no more than a monthly tele-meeting to commence with!  Contact Christie Brenchley at cbrenchley@osot.on.ca.

OSOT Adult Mental Health Team
Help OSOT position occupational therapy as the mental health profession it is!  The Society has recently restructured it's Teams and has created 4 new Mental Health teams to more effectively promote OT and serve the needs of members working with a focus in mental health.  Whether you work in primary care, acute care, in a mental health facility or in the community - it you work with adults with mental health conditions and want to get involved in a new Team focused on advancing OT practice with this focus...the Adult Mental Health Team could be the volunteer opportunity for you!  View the Terms of Reference,   Interested?  Contact Chair Jaime Jones.

Autism Best Practices Task Force
Do you work with children/youth with autism?  Are you interested in supporting our efforts to promote OT and educate families about the evidence behind our profession?   Since March 2019, occupational therapists have been identified amongst the core services that families could purchase with public funds provided through the Ontario Autism Program.  To address the need to both promote to and educate the public about occupational therapy approaches with this population, the Society is interested to develop resources that share evidenced-based best practices.  Can you help on this time-bounded development initiative?  Contact Christie Brenchley, Executive Director.

OSOT Research Fund Advisory Team

Are you a researcher?  Do you care about OT Research Funding in Ontario? We're engaging a new Team to advise the Board of Directors on strategic direction for the OSOTRF Grants program.  We've completed a 5 - year review of the grants program and have terrific input from members, researchers and other stakeholders and exciting recommendations for change and enrichment of the OSOTRF Grants program that we need to review.  We invite researchers, and clinicians to forward their expressions of interest to osot@osot.on.ca. 

Extended Health Insurance Advisory Team

Share a passion to see OT services covered by extended health insurers?
OSOT has engaged a consultant to aid in the development of a strategy to advocate for inclusion of OT services in extended health insurance plans.  We're looking for OTs to support her with feedback and insights into real practice experience and example.  Can you be available between March and June to provide advice?  Contact osot@osot.on.ca.

OSOT Seniors Mental Health Team

Do you work â€‹with seniors who experience mental health issues?  Our Team is recruiting new members!  Contribute to OSOT's monitoring and identification of issues affecting OT practice relating to seniors mental health, identifying needs of OTs practising with this focus and assisting the Society to address these.  Teamwork can be a terrific opportunity to contribute and to learn!  View the Team Terms of Reference.  Interested?  Contact Team Co-chairs Jennifer Siemans or Emma Saltmarche.

A 30 Minute Volunteer Opportunity that would be SO valued!
Do you know a senior or work with seniors who have accessed OT services to support them through a transition of older age?  We're looking for stories that relay the value of occupational therapy to seniors who are experiencing challenges as they deal with the normal transitions of ageing - retirement, dealing with chronic disease, becoming a caregiver, changes in driving status, etc.  These stories will be profiled on our developing NEW website En-AGE which aims to profile the important roles OTs play in supporting seniors' health and well-being.  You don't need to write an epic...just a paragraph or two or send us bullets and we'll work with you to refine it.  See more details about our needs. 

Support a Prospective OT Student to learn more about our Profession - offer to meet with or have a student shadow you
Can you share what you've loved about your career, what your day to day work looks like...help someone understand OT?   We get frequent requests from individuals considering a career in occupational therapy to meet with OTs, to be able to interview someone over the phone or to shadow their practice for a few hours or more.  We're keen to help students ensure this is the right profession for them...and to attract those that are interested.  Can you help out the odd time?  Let us know at osot@osot.on.ca.