OSOT Volunteer Opportunities

OSOT volunteer roles contribute to the work and accomplishment of the Society in meaningful ways!  The Society could not achieve what it does without the good will and expertise of its members' contributions! The Society is committed to enabling a mutually beneficial volunteer experience...our goal is to ensure that a volunteer role gives back to you too!

Here are some current opportunities that we have available - updated February 12, 2019

OSOT at the Abilities Expo 2019
OSOT has a booth at the upcoming Abilities Expo, April 5 - 7, 2019 and seeking volunteers to host the booth and promote OT!
The Abilities Expo 2019 , will be held at the International Centre, it is the go-to source for the community of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans and healthcare professionals. An event that opens eyes to new technologies, new possibilities, new solutions, it sounds like a good place for occupational therapists to be visible! If you can you share 2-3 hours during those dates to join another colleagues (or grab a friend and come together!)  we'd love to hear from you. OSOT will prepare the booth and resources/supplies.  We look to volunteer OTs to be the face of the profession, to interact with the public and to promote occupational therapy. The Expo (and parking!) is free so before or after a shift there's a terrific opportunity to explore the exhibit hall, interact with vendors and services and engage in your own learning. Contact us at osot.on.ca 

OSOT Adult Mental Health Team
Help OSOT position occupational therapy as the mental health profession it is!  The Society has recently restructured it's Teams and has created 4 new Mental Health teams to more effectively promote OT and serve the needs of members working with a focus in mental health.  Whether you work in primary care, acute care, in a mental health facility or in the community - it you work with adults with mental health conditions and want to get involved in a new Team focused on advancing OT practice with this focus...the Adult Mental Health Team could be the volunteer opportunity for you!  View the Terms of Reference,   Interested?  Contact Co-chairs Anna Yarmon or Jaime Jones.

OSOT Research Fund Advisory Team

Are you a researcher?  Do you care about OT Research Funding in Ontario? We're engaging a new Team to advise the Board of Directors on strategic direction for the OSOTRF Grants program.  We've completed a 5 - year review of the grants program and have terrific input from members, researchers and other stakeholders and exciting recommendations for change and enrichment of the OSOTRF Grants program that we need to review.  We invite researchers, and clinicians to forward their expressions of interest to osot@osot.on.ca. 

OSOT Seniors Mental Health Team

Do you work â€‹with seniors who experience mental health issues?  Our Team is recruiting new members!  Contribute to OSOT's monitoring and identification of issues affecting OT practice relating to seniors mental health, identifying needs of OTs practising with this focus and assisting the Society to address these.  Teamwork can be a terrific opportunity to contribute and to learn!  View the Team Terms of Reference.  Interested?  Contact Team Co-chairs Jennifer Siemans or Emma Saltmarche.

Support a Prospective OT Student to learn more about our Profession - offer to meet with or have a student shadow you
Can you share what you've loved about your career, what your day to day work looks like...help someone understand OT?  
We get frequent requests from individuals considering a career in occupational therapy to meet with OTs, to be able to interview someone over the phone or to shadow their practice for a few hours or more.  We're keen to help students ensure this is the right profession for them...and to attract those that are interested.  Can you help out the odd time?  Let us know at osot@osot.on.ca.

OSOT Hospital Sector Team Members
We wish to keep a focus on hospital-based practice and the needs of members working in Ontario hospitals big and small!  Our Hospital Sector Team helps OSOT do just that!   Consider a role with a focus on a sector in which you work and care about!  Ontario hospitals are a focus of much attention these days as our government commits to address Hallway Medicine.  Help OSOT position occupational therapy as part of the solution and support OTs working in this sector!  Consider the Terms of Reference and the opportunities and challenges of our hospital sector - could be a terrific opportunity to work with others to advance OT practice in hospitals.  Intrigued?  Contact Christie Brenchley for more informaton and background on OSOT Teams to support your decision-making.


Provide Input to OSOT's Advocacy Initiatives!

OSOT is engaged in the followin

Provide Input to OSOT's Advocacy Initiatives!

OSOT is engaged in the followin

magine everything you need, all under one roof! For nearly 40 years, Abilities Expo has been the go-to source for the Community of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans and healthcare professionals. Every event opens your eyes to new technologies, new possibilities, new solutions