Occupational Therapy Hits the Air Waves During OT Month!

During the week of October 21st,  Occupational Therapy is hitting the radio waves!  As a component of OSOT's 2019 OT Month commitments we're engaging a week-long radio promotion tied to traffic reports in the greater Toronto area.  It's an awareness raising campaign aimed to draw listeners to OTOntario.ca where they can learn more about occupational therapy and how OTs help make the everyday possible, helping people to:

  • manage at home             
  • succeed at school                                                                      
  • adapt at work
  • recover in a hospital
  • participate in the community

In addition, visitors to OTOntario.ca can;

  • learn about funding options for occupational therapy, 
  • read stories about the impact and value of OT for clients, and
  • access the OSOT Find-an-OT service where all OSOT members who provide private services are listed on our online search tool  (ensure you update your membership profile if you want to ensure your complimentary listing of your practice on this search tool!)

Our promotions are placed through the Canadian Traffic Network to be heard on stations listed below.  Keep in mind that stations rotate their advertisements throughout the day and week. 

Our message can't say everything there is to say about occupational therapy in a 10 second spot with 30 words max ... but our message's intent is to attract the public's attention in a public-friendly way and to invite them to seek more information.  Think about it, this is typical of most every radio advertisement.

Occupational therapists make the everyday possible.  If you, your child or parent has difficulty managing everyday activities because of health issues, they can help.  Visit O-T Ontario dot ca for details.

This radio campaign complements the Society's month long digital marketing campaign which promotes our animated videos about OT to targeted audiences throughout the month of Octobe