OSOT achieves its tremendous volume of activity through the generosity of committed members and volunteers who lend time and expertise to serve on OSOT Teams or as representatives to inter-organizational collaboratives or working groups.

Team or Representative work can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to contribute to the profession and enhance one's own perspective and experience base. If interested in engaging in Team work or to enquire about Team or Representative activities contact the appropriate Team Chair or Representative by clicking on their email address below or contact the OSOT office.

Here are OSOT volunteers from 2017-2018 that are working for you and the occupational therapy profession!

Click on the Team name to view their Terms of Reference.


     Team      Chair      Email
Adult Mental Health Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Jaime Jones
Anna Yarmon
Auto Insurance Sector Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Karen Rucas

Child & Youth Mental Health Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Donna Dennis
Hospital Sector Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Long-Term Care Homes Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Joanne Kular  
Primary Health Care Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Maria Borczyk
Martha Bauer
Colleen O'Neill

Psychotherapy Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Jenny Carr
Carrie Anne Marshall
Research Fund Advisory Team

Karen Rebeiro Gruhl
School-Based OT Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Debra Kennedy
Seating & Mobility Team 
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Marlene Adams
Seniors Advisory Group
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Barry Trentham
Seniors Mental Health Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Jennifer Siemon
Emma Saltmarche
Strategic Advocacy Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Sylvia Davidson
Workplace Mental Health Team
* Members and Team Objectives 2018

Lydia Beck
Laura Kalef

OSOT Representatives

     Organization       Representative      Email
Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario         Catherine Donnelly 

Association of Professional Associations of Community Therapy Services (APACTS)

Barbara Cawley 

Alliance of Canadian Occupational Therapy Professional Associations (ACOTPA) Christie Brenchley
Sylvia Davidson

Auto Insurance Coalition of Regulated Health Professional Associations in Auto Insurance 

Karen Rucas  

Coalition of Ontario Regulated Health Professional Association (CORHPA)

Christie Brenchley 

Eye Health Council of Ontario - Low Vision Rehab Working Group Julia Foster 
HealthForce Ontario Allied Health Professional Development Fund - Steering Committee   Christie Brenchley
Ontario Autism Program - Provincial Advisory Committee
Debra Kennedy 
OT Ontario Collaborative (OSOT, COTO, OT Programs) Sylvia Davidson
Christie Brenchley 
Rehabilitative Care Alliance - Working Group 
Christie Brenchley 
Special Needs Strategy Provincial Advisory Group on the Integrated Delivery of Rehabilitation Services - Steering Committee   Debra Kennedy
Sandra Sahagian Whalen 

WSIB Fee Setting - Advisory Committee

Teresa Riverso