OSOT is a membership of occupational therapists living and/or working in the province of Ontario and students enrolled in Canadian occupational therapy programs.

2017-2018 Membership Renewal

Who Should Join?

If you practice occupational therapy in Ontario, are considering to re-enter the occupational therapy work force, are thinking of moving to Ontario, or are currently studying occupational therapy in Ontario, OSOT is an important professional resource for you. Keeping abreast of current issues, legislative developments and health care trends in the province enables you to position yourself and your services more effectively. Your support of the provincial professional association contributes to the strength of voice and influence the profession has in its advocacy and professional promotion activities in the province.

OSOT’s suite of member services, including; practice resources, professional development programs, insurance products, a legal advisory service, promotional resources and more, support you to be the best OT you can be!