Strategic Plan

In 2013 OSOT members contributed to the re-development of a new 4 year strategic plan for the Society.  This plan assumes OSOT's mission - to lead by providing vision, voice, visibility and value for Ontario occupational therapists - and identifies two new strategic visions, articulated to give clear direction to the strategic plan;

Our Vision for OSOT

We are an essential voice that influences the health care conversation. Every member in our community takes action to make our vision for the profession in Ontario a reality.

Our Vision for the Profession of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a vibrant profession in Ontario that is well-known, respected, valued and easily accessible across the health care continuum.

OSOT Strategic Plan 2013 - 2017

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In order to fulfill our mission and realize our visions, the following key strategies shall guide OSOT's efforts as a membership working in partnership......

Engage and Mobilize the Membership

    OSOT's strength in advancing its members' interests depends significantly on the engagement of members in both the Society and its activities. OSOT will employ strategies to achieve a robust and growing membership in which members feel part of an important professional community that supports them and engages them professionally. Engaged members will: be motivated to understand, stay informed of communications and resources; be their own best champions to promote the interests and benefits of occupation therapy in each local context; continuously suggest and help to implement solutions to the issues that Ontario occupational therapists face, and; share a commitment to support each other to be the best OT they can be!

Develop and Implement a "New OT" Strategy

    OSOT recognizes the unique needs and challenges of newly graduated occupational therapists and those who are new to Canada, new to Ontario, or who are newly transitioning to a different sector or focus of practice. These colleagues represent the new life blood for our profession;; their successful integration into practice is important. OSOT will develop and implement strategies to embrace, recruit, effectively support and retain "new" OTs. 

Conduct Comprehensive, Longer-Term Marketing

    In order to influence the health care conversation, people need to know what occupational therapy is and what value the profession brings to the health care system and the people we serve! As such, OSOT will invest in and embark upon a four-year marketing strategy that raises awareness and educates the public, decision-makers, other professions about the value of OT. A longer term, more robust financial commitment enables use of more sophisticated and high profile media activities which will complement strategies that engage members in professional promotion as part of their day to day professional work. 

Improve Ontarian's Access to Occupational Therapy

    The ultimate goal of promoting our profession is to ensure that Ontarians have access to OT when and where they need it most. To do so, OSOT will continue advocacy activities with both the government and the insurance industry to expand and retain scope of service, funding and avenues of third-party payment for occupational therapy. OTs will participate with a goal to lead as government addresses the growing needs of seniors and community-based health care, both provincially at the policy level, and by individual OTs within their local health service context. 

Strengthen Our Evidence Base

    To increase the persuasiveness and impact of marketing and advocacy activities OSOT will develop strategies to more effectively access evidence to inform and substantiate our positions and assertions of the unique value occupational therapy brings to client outcomes and the health system. To support members we will develop improved resources and services to promote their integration of evidence into practice. 

Strengthen Strategic Partnerships

    To amplify the OT message and influence we will enhance our strategic partnerships. We will invest the necessary time, effort and money to expand key partnerships from joint efforts and collaboration to strong on-going relationships that are built upon areas of mutual interest and are characterized by mutual trust and respect and reciprocal support that all parties know they can always rely on.