OSOT Volunteers

​Our volunteers’ efforts inspire, motivate and support the Society to undertake and make progress on our strategic plan that aims to position OSOT to lead by providing vision, voice, visibility and value for Ontario occupational therapists.  

We are delighted and proud to have so many OSOT members engaged in the work of the Society. They serve and support members, promote occupational therapy, and position and advocate to engage occupational therapists to play meaningful roles influencing the ongoing development of our health care system in order to assure that Ontarians have access to the health care services that they need. Beyond all this, volunteer efforts have ripple effects, strengthening our membership community and igniting a vibrancy that is so important to our profession.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers!

Board of Directors

Anna Man
Andrew Nicholas
Bani Ahuja
Erica Ogilvie
Julie Clyde
Laura Hayos
Lynn Stewart
Martha Bauer
Sylvia Davidson

Adult Mental Health Team

Anna Yarmon
Anne Raudoy
Anne Wilcox
Jaime Jones
Karen Moyer
Leslie-Ann Stewart
Sarah Good

Seniors Mental Health Team

Ashley Carnegie
Elizabeth Buhler
Emma Saltmarche
Heather McDonald
Jennifer Siemon
Mary Martineau
Melanie Taylor

Child and Youth Mental Health Team

Alysia Daley
Carrie Stevenson-Lim
Donna Dennis
Josie Szatmari
Kait Hammel
Katernia Reppas
Lisa White
Liz Nielson
Monal Gandhi
Nicole Raftis
Sabrina Curatolo
Susan Schenk
Sue Wahl

Psychotherapy Team

Marose Bellehumeur
Jane Bowman
Jenny Carr
Lisa Detwiler
Gordon Hirano
Jan Kernaghan
Isabelle Lee
Carrie Marshall
Sandra Moll
Natalie Phelan
Alicia Tough

Workplace Mental Health Team

Adeena Wisenthal
Anna Zaffina
Chantel Brammer
Cheryl Wakefield
Erica Pond Clements
Jocelyn Cowls
Laura Kalef
Lydia Beck
Maria Brennan
Rabia Khokhar
Sandra Moll 

Seating and Mobility Team

Marlene Adams
Deborah Cox
Brenlee Mogul-Rotman
Sarah Timleck

Strategic Advocacy Team

Beth Linkewich
Christie Brenchley
Ron Gersh
Sylvia Davidson

Auto Insurance Sector Team

Anna Greenblatt
April Belbeck
Galit Liffshiz
Hazel Wood
Jeff Ford
Joanne Romas
Karen Rucas
Kellie Radley
Lynne Kozina
Loreta Stanulis-Duz
Maria Stella Puopolo
Ranu Singh
Rhona Feldt-Stein
Sarah Macrae

School-Based Occupational Therapists Team

Cathy Kissick
Debbie Eva Bushby
Debra Kennedy
Jeff Davis
Julie McNamara
Sandra Sahagian Whalen
Stephanie Ellis

Primary Health Care Team

Catherine Donnelly
Cecilia Doesborgh
Colleen O'Neill
Daniella Fry
Diane Dowdell
Kate Mason
Lori Letts
Maria Borczyk
Martha Bauer
Rachel Lamb

Long-Term Care Homes Team

Sylvia Davidson
Joanne Kular

Seniors Advisory Council

Aaron Yuen
Barbara Cawley
Barry Trentham
Bianca Stern
Briana Zur
Catherien Donnelly
Colleen McGrath
Lori Letts
Mary Egan

Conference Planning Team

Chantel Brammer
Heather Reid
Mandy Wong
Maria Rezkalla
Marika Beaumont
Melissa Monardo
Victor Wu

University Student Liaisons

Anne-Julie N'Goran
Ashley Royale
Brina Puspoky
Calvin Leung
Fatima Tuan-Kichil
Julie Desjardins
Julie Mahoney
Sara Schugt
Shelby Thompson

OSOT Research Fund Advisory/Review Team

Gail Teachman
Karen Rebeiro Gruhl
Laurie Warren
Rosemary Lysaght
Sandra Hobson 
Sue Baptiste
Susan Strong
Susanne Murphy
Terry Krupa

Additional 2018-2019 Volunteers

Allison Corcoran
Alysia Daley
Angela DeSantis
Anna Yarmon
Anuja Panditrao
Anuradha Banavalikar
Brenda Johnson
Carmen Quesnal
Catherine Dirks
Cathy O'Leary
Carolyn Slomka
Charlotte Larry
Christina Stromberg
Clara Floriani
Dana Driesman-Klover
Deb Thomas
Debra Stewart
Ellen Yack
Emma Russell
Erin Knobl
Gillian Fish
Gita Lakhanpal
Gema Rodriguez
Hricha Rakshit
Isabella Cheng
Jade Rogers
Joanne Maxwell
Jenna Feinstein
Julia Foster
Julie Wilding
Katelyn Hunter
Kevin Reed
Kim Schryburt-Brown
Kim Woodland
Krista Szurek
Lara Desrosiers
Laura Kalef
Lesya Dyk
Linda Sadvari
Liv Elliott
Lisa Detwiler
Lizette Alexander
Lucia Pulciani
Maiike Brouwers
Margot McWhirter
Marose Bellehumeur
Melissa Jamieson
Nai-Yuen Ho
Nanette Bowen-Smith
Natasha Auret
Patti Mcgillivray
Renee Gauthier
Susan Swanson
Tammy Uppenborn
Teresa Riverso
Tracy Milner
Yvette Brown

Please note:   Unintentional human error may have resulted in omission of a volunteer's name. If your name, or that of a colleague, should be added to the list, please accept our sincere apology and promise to correct this unfortunate oversight immediately upon receiving your notification. Please contact us at osot@osot.on.ca.