Surveys / Research

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists is pleased to support research activity that relates to occupational therapy!  We encourage members to PARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH ACTIVITIES VIA SURVEYS when one's scope of competence relates to the research.

The following posts have been purchased by the researchers to access OSOT membership.  While posting does not imply OSOT partnership or sponsorship, WE ENCOURAGE MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE!

Current Surveys

1.   ‘Ex-PLISSIT Enablement’ of Sexuality and Sexual Expression in Occupational Therapy - Perspectives on a Hybrid Practice Model
Researcher(s):  Michelle Towell, Nicole Kerbrat, Sylvia Davidson, Kevin Reel

Survey Description

We are looking for OT feedback on a model of practice created to increase levels of comfort and competence among OTs working with clients around issues of sexuality and sexual expression.  We have created an anonymous online survey that will take about 20-25 minutes, including a brief explanation of the model.  Further details are available on the first information page of the survey itself.  The survey has been approved by the University of Toronto Health Sciences Research Ethics Board. 

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2.   Addressing Clients’ Sexual Health Issues in Occupational Therapy Practice
Researchers: Kelli Young (UHN), Carol Heck (UHN), Abrielle Dodington (University of Toronto), Catherine Smith (University of Toronto)

Survey Description:  
Occupational therapists regard sexual health as a relevant domain of practice; however, previous research demonstrates that client sexuality is not adequately addressed in healthcare. This study uses an online questionnaire and aims to understand beliefs, knowledge, comfort, and practices of Canadian occupational therapists in various practice settings in regards to addressing clients’ sexual health. Please see this Letter of Information for additional information. 

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