Member Communication & Surveys

Communication to and from members is central to the work of the Society and the strength of our professional community. OSOT communications are targeted to keep members informed of issues and developments affecting their practice, to share news and events of the Society or related stakeholders and to foster and facilitate member engagement.
Monthly Email Updates

Forwarded mid month, these member communications are rich with links for more detailed information and address: policy issues, OSOT initiatives and activities and share practitioner resources and supports and recognition and celebration of member commitments and accomplishments.

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Board Talk

A communique of the Board of Directors, circulated at the beginning of each month, BoardTalk is written by a member of the board to address a timely issue of relevance to OT in Ontario with a goal to share perspectives, generate discussion, and foster interactions with members.

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 Title  Message From  Date
Seniors, Sex & Other Safety Subjects
Sylvia Davidson June 2016
Extended Health Insurance Coverage of OT Services - just ASK FOR IT! 
Lesya Dyk May 2016
Playing our Cards Right; preparing for shifts in the home & community sector 
Barry Trentham April 2016
Caring to Lead Teri Shackleton February 2016
Change, Change and Change (CCAC) Diane McLaughlin

January 2016
Tis the Season...a time for reflection & looking forward
Lynn Stewart December 2015
"Remembrance Day  - Close to Home - BoardTalk November 2015" Lesya Dyk, Treasurer November 2015
"Celebrating OT - Share how OT Makes a  Difference!  BoardTalk October 2015"
Beth Linkewich, President October 2015
"A farewell message from OSOT President, Laurie Warren" Laurie Warren, President September 2015
"August in France or Dealing with Occupational Stress" Lesya Dyk, Treasurer August 2015
"Putting the 'ME' in Mentorship" Brenda Vrkljan, Director July 2015
"Celebrating Diversity" Barry Trentham, Director June 2015
"POSITIVE NEWS THIS SPRING! Or, continuing challenge for OT? What do YOU think?"             Diane McLaughlin, Director  May 2015
"Volunteering - there is strength in numbers!" Laurie Warren, President April 2015
"Reflections of a New Board Member" Sylvia Davidson, Director March 2015
"Checking off my 2015 "to-do" List - OSOT at my side"     Sophia Chowdhury, Director     February 2015
"A Tribute to Ms. Christie Brenchley OSOT Executive Director 1990-2015 - 25 Years of Excellence" Philip Leadbeater, Vice President/Secretary January 2015
 "Have you been watching television? Our first Occupational Therapy commercial hits the airwaves..." Brenda Vrkljan, Director December 2014
"Returning to Our Roots, Remembering Those Who Served..."     Philip Leadbeater, Vice President/Secretary November 2014
"Transitioning to a New Year....." Andrea Thompson, Past-President/ Laurie Warren, President October 2014
"Practising what we Preach – taking care of our own Mental Health" Leta Stegne, Director September 2014
"Advancing our Visions: A Year One Score Card" Iris Greenspoon, Treasurer August 2014
"Contemplating Diversity: Implications for Occupational Therapists" Sophia Chowdhury, Director July 2014
"Positioning OTs as Leaders in Seniors Care in Ontario" Barbara Cawley, Director June 2014
"OTs - FINDING OUR VOICE!"  Laurie Warren, Vice President/Secretary May 2014
"Staying Connected with all things OT - making the digital world work for you!" Diane McLaughlin, Director April 2014
"There is a call it for you?" Jennifer Henderson, Director March 2014
 "I know it is spelled O-S-O-T but where is the "U"? Philip Leadbeater, Director February 2014
 "Visions for 2014 and Beyond...OSOT's new Strategic Plan" Andrea Thompson, President January 2014
 "Life is a Journey....." Cathy Vandersluis, President September 2013
"OT's in Ontario...Growing Even Stronger!" Iris Greenspoon,Treasurer August 2013
"Through change & challenge to opportunity realized...we've got your back!" Leta Stegne, Director July 2013
"I see you."...."I am here to be seen." Jennifer Henderson, Director June 2013
"OSOT 2013 TO 2017 - FACING HEALTH CARE REFORM….. STRATEGICALLY!" Barbara Cawley, Director May 2013
"April is Volunteer Month - let's celebrate the beautiful shadows volunteers cast!" Laurie Warren, Director April 2013
"Love your careers, embrace your profession!" Philip Leadbeater, Director March 2013
"How does one really demonstrate the value of occupational therapy and rehabilitation?" Jennifer Henderson, Director February 2013
"Resolve to Pay Attention to YOU!" Andrea Thompson, President-Elect January 2013
"Take 5 ... Ensure your investment in OSOT works for you" Iris Greenspoon,Treasurer December 2012
"Being Strategic: The way forward for occupational therapists in Ontario" Karen Rebeiro-Gruhl, Vice-President/Secretary 
Cathy Vandersluis, President
November 2012
"It’s OcTober, how will you promOTe your profession?" Laurie Warren, Director October 2012
"Top 10 reasons you need to be at Conference 2012!...hope to see you there!" Barbara Cawley September 2012
"Support to your Membership Recruitment Efforts" Pat Clancy August 2012
Diane McLaughlin
Diane McLaughlin