Rehabilitative Care Alliance releases Fall 2016 Update

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) is a province-wide collaborative that was established in April 2013 by Ontario’s 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to work with partners across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care through better planning, performance management and evaluation and by integrating best practices across the care continuum.

Funded by theLHINs, the RCA’s work focuses on supporting improved patient experiences and clinical outcomes through improved access, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, integration, value and equity in the delivery of rehabilitative services across the care continuum. Applying standardized terminology and processes, the Alliance is working to promote best practice to enhance outcomes for people receiving rehabilitative care delivered in homes, community-based locations, long-term care homes and hospitals.

View the Alliance’s Fall 2016 Update hereContent focuses on;
  • Implementation of definitions framework 
  • Rehabilitation capacity planning across LHINs 
  • Out-patient data 
  • Benchmarks for system evaluation 
  • Best practices framework 
  • ICES’s new Stroke Report
What is ‘rehabilitative care’?

“Rehabilitative Care” is a broad range of interventions that result in the improved physical, mental and social well-being of those suffering from injury, illness or chronic disease.” (CCC/Rehab Expert Panel – Definitions Working Group, 2012).

Implications for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists working in the province’s publicly funded health system will be interested and advised to keep apprised of the work of the RCA. OSOT has representation on the provincial Steering Committee and participates on several of the working groups assuring an OT perspective can be brought to the work of the Alliance.  That said, much of the focus of the RCA's work is informed by understanding regional service delivery models, issues and challenges.  OSOT members are encouraged to be informed of their employer's engagement in the RCA processes and to support input from the frontline and professional perspective.  To provide input to OSOT, please contact Christie Brenchley, Executive Director.