OSOT Conference  

OSOT Conference 2018 - October 19 - 20, 2018 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Call for Abstracts now OPEN! - Deadline February 16, 2018 - view here.

Plan now to attend and participate in Ontario's largest gathering of occupational therapists!  A wonderful opportunity to learn, share, network, have some fun and be inspired to build your new learning into your practice and practice planning.  The annual Conference is a workshop based program enabling focused exploration of important issues and topics BUT.... workshops aren't all that Conference is about!  Consider these other important aspects:

  • approximately 25 dynamic workshops targeted to address emerging opportunities and trends, best practice and innovative programs or service delivery models and new evidence and research informing practice and the value of occupational therapy ... all with the time for fulsome exploration, discussion and often hands on or interactive opportunities to support real learning and integration of materials so you can leave feeling ready to apply what you've learned!

  • Leading edge poster presentations that share concisely need-to-know evidence, program innovations, etc.

  • Inspiring keynote speakers selected to bring our focus and theme alive and relevant to all

  • A vibrant Exhibit Hall hosting approximately 40 exhibitors that lend strength to our overall program in supporting participants ongoing awareness of new products, services and supports from manufacturers, vendors, service providers and other professional stakeholders.

  • A New Graduate Stream, uniquely focused on needs and issues of new occupational therapists

  • A fun-filled Social evening that builds on all the valuable informal networking that happens at Conference and provides real time to get to know each other.

  • Networking, networking, networking!  Who doesn't want to spend a couple of days with like-minded, equally passionate OTs?  There's no doubt that Conference is about professional development but it's an amazing celebration of a great profession too!

What's in store for 2018?​​
The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists’ new Strategic Plan is focused on advancing occupational therapy in Ontario and has a strong focus on empowering our occupational therapy community as a force to achieve our visions for a future in which every Ontarian has access to comprehensive, high quality occupational therapy that enables their life goals.  Conference 2018 provides a terrific opportunity to address both these objectives! 

Where are the needs and opportunities for new practice development?  What new evidence is shifting our practice?  How can we show and share the value occupational therapy brings to our clients and the systems in which we work?  What skills do we need to succeed?  In our diverse practice there are many answers to these questions and we'll explore these in Richmond Hill!

We know we each play a role in advancing our profession and other’s understanding of the value we bring to the clients we serve.  But, how do we mobilize and motivate our individual commitments to be most impactful and successful?  Where better than a conference to explore this challenge!  If to empower:  [is] making [someone] stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights, then know that we're planning a Conference that will empower our participants to take what they learn and integrate this into their practice, their practice planning and their professional perspectives.

Call for Workshop and Poster Abstracts - Deadline February 16, 2018​

The Society invites clinicians, administrators, inter-professional colleagues, researchers, student OTs and consultants to explore our theme questions and to participate in a dynamic program that will stimulate attention and action to advance our profession in Ontario.  

View Call for Workshop and Poster Abstracts.

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Take a look at some of the great moments from Conference 2016! 

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