Change Day is Coming to Ontario - let's get INVOLVED!

What is Change Day?

Change Day is a growing global movement that aims to make positive changes in our health system by empowering individuals – ranging from executives and health care professionals to informal caregivers, patients and residents – to make a pledge and take actions, big or small, to improve compassionate quality care. The campaign is about people engaging with one another through their ideas and stories; sharing them online and through social media; overcoming barriers; and ultimately,helping to improve the experience of health care for patients and providers alike.

Change Day has not taken place in Ontario before, however, Health Quality Ontario and Associated Medical Services are spearheading its launch in the province this year.  OSOT has committed to be a Partner to Ontario's first Change Day because we know occupational therapists are innovative problems solvers, leaders and terrific change agents!  We think our profession's involvement is a perfect OT Month initiative!

Commencing September 12th....Change Day Ontario initiatives and pledges will be engaged to culminate in November.  Make it your OT Month commitment to make a pledge and get involved in your organization .... why not be a Change Ambassador?

How does Change Day work?

Although Change Day Ontario concludes with an event on November 17, the movement encompasses several months of activity.  It's all about people connecting through their ideas and stories while sharing them online and through social media.  The goal of the movement is to have people engage and challenge one another in ways that will help them become more self aware of their patients/residents and their needs.  To accomplish this, care providers are asked to make a pledge toward some type of improvement that they can then act on, reflect on, and share with others. Pledges can be personal or organizational, can range from being small in nature to large-scale, and can be a one-time event or something to be done over a longer period of time

Here are some examples that may apply to occupational therapy practice

  • pledging to organize a specific type of event that will educate other staff about OT and the impact you have on the clients you serve
  • Pledging to share that idea you've always had for improving/enriching client services and trying to make it happen
  • Pledging to share x number of personal stories with x number of clients so they get to know you best
  • Pledging for business owners or program managers to visit with front line staff and their clients
  • Pledging to spend a 1/2 day with a home care OT so your hospital practice is more informed
  • Pledging to plan a unit or program "inspiration" or "celebration" event to honour the relationships and talents that contribute to excellent patient care
  • Pledging to meet with hospital based OTs who discharge to your community programs to discuss joint practices that support great discharges
  • Pledging to work with your clients to develop a "success story" scrapbook for their personal celebration and your program's circulation

Beginning September 12, those who are participating in the initiative will be able to make their pledges on the Change Day Ontario website, as well as see and interact with other pledges people are making around the province. Participants will have from September to November to take action on whatever they’ve pledged to do. There is also a huge social media component so people can share stories, ideas, and experiences.

Make your Change Day Pledge Now!

On November 17, the initiative will come to a close. Many participants may choose to hold some sort of event or celebration on the 17th to mark their achievements and recognize their successes of feeling more energized and being better engaged, ultimately resulting in better care being provided.

For more information see the Change Day Ontario website.

Implications for Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists are innovative, out of the box, creative thinkers and problem solvers!  This type of initiative is a great OT activity!  In fact, we think this initiative could be a good OT Month catalyst.  Make your pledge in September and then follow through during OT Month in October!

HQO is seeking Change Day Ambassadors
, individuals who will lead and spearhead a Change Day commitment in their team, their workplace, their program, etc.  Why not you?  For more information about being an Ambassador, the training that is available click here.