Strategic Plan

OSOT's 2023-2027 Strategic Plan will go into effect on October 1, 2023.

In 2018 OSOT members contributed to the re-development of a new 4 year strategic plan for the Society. This plan assumes OSOT's mission - to lead by providing vision, voice, visibility and value for Ontario occupational therapists - and identifies two strategic visions, articulated to give clear direction to the strategic plan;

Our Vision for OSOT

We are an essential voice that influences the health care conversation. Every member in our community takes action to make our vision for the profession in Ontario a reality.

Our Vision for the Profession of Occupational Therapy

Every Ontarian has access to comprehensive, high quality occupational therapy that supports and enables their life goals.

OSOT Strategic Plan 2018-2022


OSOT will actively grow knowledge and familiarity with occupational therapy, engaging promotions and developing resources for members to ensure that everyone who interacts with an occupational therapist will be educated about occupational therapy, our role and value. We will encourage stakeholders to request occupational therapy services so it is not only the profession's voice promoting occupational therapy, but also the demand of the public and stakeholders that adds volume to promotion of the value and need for occupational therapy. We will encourage leaders within the profession to actively promote occupational therapy, recognizing their influence and reach within the health care system.  

People across the province will understand that occupational therapy is necessary to ensure that people can age well at home, that children and adults with complex needs and disabilities can fully participate in their communities, and that people can put their lives back together after significant health events.

Occupational therapists will be recognized as creative and innovative contributors who bring a unique and critical skills set and perspective to the diverse environments in which they work. Innovation continues to drive the evolution of the profession and is both nurtured and supported by the Society, enabling growth and new ventures in both the public and private sectors.

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists is a strong and valued member-driven organization with a clear brand and reputation as a critical driver for growth of the occupational therapy profession in Ontario. With a strong social media presence and an engaged and motivated membership, the Society is able to ensure that client stories and voices relaying the value of occupational therapy are highly visible and heard.  

OSOT has strong research partnerships developing evidence for the value of occupational therapy and, with a focus on knowledge translation, brings visibility to occupational therapy research.

The Society will be widely recognized for its profound work expanding access to occupational therapy in Ontario.

Strategic Priorities

In order to fulfill our mission and realize our visions, the following key strategies shall guide OSOT's efforts as a membership working in partnership.

Increase Demand for Occupational Therapy Services

  1. Develop resources to facilitate knowledge and understanding occupational therapy.
  2. Engage recipients of occupational therapy services to advocate for and promote occupational therapy.
  3. Educate Ontarians to ask for occupational therapy (in extended health insurance plans, in publicly funded services, etc.

Support Access to Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Services for Patient/Clients and Families

  1. Advocate to include coverage of OT services in extended health insurance plans.
  2. Empower the patient/client voice to inform OSOT's advocacy to promote access to OT services
  3. Educate funders about OT, its impact on client outcomes and the value and economic benefits it brings to clients and the health system.
  4. Strengthen the relationships and influence of the profession amongst key funders/sectors

Empower our Membership Community as a Force to Advance Occupational Therapy in Ontario

  1. Encourage leaders to use their voice to advocate for the profession.
  2. Engage occupational therapists to use the OSOT community to create connections and to lead change.
  3. Support members to be active participants in advancing the public's knowledge and awareness of OT.

Partner to Build and Share Targeted Evidence that Improves Practice, the Patient/Client experience and Demonstrates the Value of Occupational Therapy

  1. Support the development and dissemination of OT research.
  2. Seek partnership opportunities to advance OT research.