OSOT in Action

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists is actively engaged in advocating for access to OT services in a variety of practice sectors.  The following are key players in our advocacy initiatives;

  • Board of Directors level Strategic Advocacy Committee
  • Executive Director
  • OSOT Practice Sector Teams
  • Government Relations Consultant
Advocacy initiatives are directed to achieve the visions and objectives of the Strategic Plan.

OSOT’s strategic proactive advocacy initiatives currently focus on;

  • Promoting occupational therapy as an essential service in integrated health service delivery models - Ontario Health Teams, Bundled Care
  • Positioning occupational therapists as leaders in seniors care, and
  • Advancing occupational therapy as a mental health profession
  • Promoting the value of occupational therapy as a partner in Emergency Health Services

At the same time, the Society is actively responding to a variety of health policy changes and proposed regulation/legislative changes that affect or will affect OTs and their clients access to their services.  These issues reflect the high level of engagement of the Society in provincial health policy issues.  The sheer number of issues identifies the fast pace of change and development of our public and private health care systems and the diversity of OT practice across these systems.

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