How to Join

OSOT offers Complimentary Membership and Professional Liability Insurance to New Grads!

As New Graduates, we’re wanting to both recognize your graduation accomplishment and honour your entry to our profession by extending our congratulations in the form of complimentary OSOT membership and professional liability insurance for the 2019-2020 membership year!

Please Note:

New Graduate members (with or without the professional liability insurance option) are required to provide proof of eligibility by providing either a COTO registration number or a copy of their diploma or equivalent. However, many new graduates have not yet received their transcripts and since they can’t register with COTO without insurance and can’t join OSOT in order to obtain insurance, it really puts them in a catch 22 situation.

We understand that this is an issue and can help!

We will be opening up our registration/renewal online portal on August 15th. You can read more about that here and how to go about obtaining complimentary professional liability insurance.

As health care is a provincial jurisdiction, there’s a lot of what relates to working as an OT in Ontario that is provincially directed. Our member services, professional advocacy and professional promotion activities are directed to help you and the profession. Your membership and your engagement as a member really helps. Together we lead by providing vision, voice, visibility and value for Ontario occupational therapists!