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Upcoming professional development opportunities of interest to occupational therapists are listed below. Please note that listing of an event does not suggest endorsement by the Society.

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Listing your Professional Development Event
OSOT posts information about professional development events deemed by the Society to be relevant to OT without charge. Contact the OSOT Office if you wish to submit a workshop or course listing.

Workshops & Webinars

 OSOT Workshops and Webinars 
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 Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists 
 For list of current courses, events and workshops that CAOT offers.

 Institute for Work and Health 
 For list of current courses, events and workshops that Institute for Work and Health offers.

 Gowan Consulting Workshops 
 Gowan Consulting offers a variety of workshops, webinars and presentations for you professional development.

 CAOT Webinar - Psychosocial needs of persons living in social housing- Implications for occupational 
 August 27, 2019

 ergoCentric Showroom and Store Demonstration 
 August 28, 2019

 ECHO Ontario Trans and Gender Diverse Healthcare – Supporting clients with medical and surgical tran 
 September 12, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Dementia Care- A Comprehensive Approach to Support Aging in Place 
 September 13-14, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Bathroom and Kitchen Modifications 
 September 16-17, 2019

 ECHO Ontario Psychotherapy 
 September 17, 2019

 ECHO Ontario Mental Health 
 September 17, 2019

 Biennial Global Ageing Conference 2019 
 September 17-19, 2019

 AFHTO 2019 Conference 
 September 19-20, 2019

 Ellen Yack and Associates - Sensory Integration 101 Developing a Sensory Integration Lens to Enhance 
 September 22-23, 2019

 Ananda Mental Health Workshops - Calming the Emotional Storm, Using DBT to Help 
 September 23-24, 2019

 Advanced Clinical Education - Upper Extremity Seminars Wrist and Carpal Kinematics 
 September 27-28, 2019

 ECHO Ontario First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Wellness 
 September 2019

 ECHO Ontario Addiction Medicine and Psychosocial Interventions 
 September 2019

 10th Canadian Conference on Dementia 
 October 3-5, 2019

 Acupuncture Canadas Foundations of Anatomical Acupuncture - AA1 
 London online March 4, 2019 with onsite April 26-28 Toronto online August 26, 2019 with onsite October 18-20

 ECHO Ontario Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
 October 24, 2019

 9th National Workshop for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists 
 October 29-31, 2019

 Jack Hirose and Associates - 2 Day Skills Practice Workshop Strengthening Executive Skills to Promot 
 October 28-29 or 30-31, 2019

 OACAO - Aging Well 
 November 4-5, 2019

 Jack Hirose and Associates - Powerful and Effective Strategies for Reaching “I Don’t Care” and Disen 
 November 5, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Chronic pain assessment and management - Best practice for occupational therapists 
 November 4 and 5, 2019

 OBIA 2019 Provincial ABI Conference 
 November 6-8, 2019

 UHN - Emergency Medicine Conference 
 November 12-13, 2019

 Ananda Mental Health Workshops - New Developments in the Treatment of PTSD, Complex PTSD, and 
 November 22, 2019

 Workplace Safety and Wellness Solutions - Establishing an Effective Return to Work Program 
 October 24, 25, November 21, 22, 2019

 Progressive Goal Attainment Program - Preventing Delayed Recovery Workshop 
 November 29-30, 2019

 Workplace Safety and Wellness Solutions - Physical and Cognitive Job Demands Analysis - An Overview 
 November 29, 2019

 The Seating Process - Moving Theory to Practice 
 November 28-30, 2019 Save The Date

 CAOT Workshop - How to create and sustain an arts-based program in your occupational therapy practic 
 December 6 and 7, 2019

 ECHO Ontario Complex Patient Management - Integrating Mental and Physical Health 
 September 20 - December 13, 2019

 2020 Traumatic Brain Injury Conference 
 February 7, 2020

 OBIA Neurorehabilitation - Assisting Recovery and Function in Everyday Life Following Brain Injury 
 February 18-21, 2020

 36th International Seating Symposium 
 March 3-6, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Cognitive Stimulation Therapy - Making a difference for people with dementia 
 March 6, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Sensory processing and sensory-based interventions for children 
 March 27 and 28, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Fundamentals of anxiety interventions - Assertiveness training, relaxation skills 
 April, 2, 3 and 4, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Hoarding - Assessment and intervention for occupational therapists 
 June 5, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Cognitive assessments and interventions for stroke and acquired brain injury 
 June 8 and 9, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Pediatric feedin and swallowing - Managing complex issues 
 September 18, 2020

 CAOT Workshop - Cognitive behavioural therapy - Level 2 for occupational therapy 
 September 25 and 26, 2020


 Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute and ACHIEVE Training Centre 


 Ideas - Advanced Learning Program 

 Ryerson University - Workplace Communication Skills for Inter-professional Health Care Teams 

 University of Alberta - Wheelchair and Seated Mobility Assessment and Prescription 

 OPA - Introduction to Wound Care Management for Physiotherapists and Other Health Care Professionals 

 Gestalt - Child-Parent Somatic Psychotherapy International Training Program 

 McMaster Learn How - Virtual Masterclass 

 UHN Bobath Certificate Course in the Management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury 

 Back Works - NDT Introductory Workshop in the Management of Adults with Stroke, Brain Injury and Oth 
 November 30 - December 1, 2019

 Back Works - Developing Support and Reach in the UE 
 October 19, 2019

 Back Works - Supporting Recovery of the Upper Extremity During ADLs Following Stroke or Brain Injury 
 September 28, 2019

 Back Works - Managing the Pusher - An NDT Perspective 
 September 7, 2019

 Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) - London 
 August 6-10, 2019

 Key Clinical Skills - Medical Diagnostic Imaging 

 Susan Schenk Courses 

 Western University and Fanshawe College - Preceptor Education Program 

 Driver Rehabilitation and Automotive Mobility Solutions Course for Health Professionals 

 Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - The Five Weekend Care of the Elderly Certificate 

 International Spine and Pain Institute - Therapeutic Pain Certification 

 Solutions on Site Workshops 
 Various Workshops

 Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists 
 Various Courses and Workshops

 Ontario Hospital Association 
 Various Courses and Workshops

 The Arthritis Society 
 Various Courses and Workshops

 Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute 
 Various Courses