October is Occupational Therapy Month!

Canadian occupational therapists celebrate and promote their profession for the whole month of October! Take part in this annual opportunity to pool our promotional resources and to have a meaningful community impact. Consider OT Month the annual launch of your year-round OT promotion/marketing. It's always a great time to promote OT!

OSOT’s OT Month 2020 Strategy

The Society engages actively in both promoting occupational therapy and facilitating members’ ability and opportunity to promote their profession and services themselves, in their workplaces, in their communities, and across their networks.

What is OSOT doing to promote OT during OT Month 2020?

  • We're engaging a digital marketing campaign throughout the month of October to profile our animated videos and to link people to OTOntario.ca where they can learn more about OT!  We're targeting parents of school age children and older adults and health decision-makers for seniors as our primary audiences for our Occupational Therapy:  making the everyday possible  campaign which will profile our "succeed at school" and "manage at home" videos.  Online advertising will be purchased to display over YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search

  • We’re launching a social media promotional campaign that we hope members will embrace and share.  We make it easy for you to promote OT - just share our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with your networks!

  • We're hosting two COMPLIMENTARY professional development opportunities designed to excite you about promoting occupational therapy and to share information and strategies that are easy to build into in your day to day practice 
    • October 8, 2020 - 12 - 1 pm - Advancing Occupational Therapy in Ontario in 2020-21: seeing, seeking and making our opportunities realities
    • Championing a Movement to Advance Occupational Therapy in Ontario: engaging others in promoting OT - date TBA

  • We're introducing the ultimate OT Month promo during a pandemic - custom "I Love (heart) Occupational Therapy!" facemasks!  High quality, non-medical masks, that will allow you to share your pride in your profession whenever you're out and about.  

  • We’ve  stocked up on the popular OT promotional productOT key chains, post-it notes, water bottles....something that both OTs and the public will use that promotes OT and our pride in our profession!  Inexpensive and perfect for to  post to referral sources, share with friends and family....we even have a design for the OT in YOU!

  • And of course we’re offering suggestions, promotional resources and promotional products  to support you to get involved and to Do Your Part to Promote OT!  

Join in! Do your part to promote OT!

  • Download OSOT’s OT Month Checklist 2020 for simple ideas to engage in promoting your profession and services 

  • Commit to get to know OSOT’s website WELL during OT Month…your best resource for information to lend context to promoting OT services in Ontario.

  • Engage with colleagues and plan an OT Month event (it might be different this year....try a Zoom gathering, join in an OSOT webinar, connect with your local media) 

  • Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as we promote the use of social media to promote awareness and information about OT…and…to access terrific promotional resources.

  • Share your OT Month activities to enrich our list of suggestions for next year! See this year's collection of activities - OT Month Member Submissions 2018
More OT Month Planning Resources

Thanks for "Doing your Part to Promote OT"