OSOT Advocating on behalf of Ontario Occupational Therapists!

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists works on behalf of its members to position occupational therapy and occupational therapists in Ontario’s ever evolving health care system in order to enable access to occupational therapy services for those with need.

OSOT’s advocacy agenda is guided by an annual Strategic Advocacy Strategy which identifies key priorities for proactive promotion and advocacy initiatives and commits to address emerging policy and practice issues affecting Ontario occupational therapists.

The issues listed below identify key policy and practice foci that presently drive OSOT’s advocacy agenda. Many of these issues are inter-related and are consistent to health system priorities in the province. At a time when health system transformation is impending, we believe occupational therapy has much to offer in solutions-focused, evidence-based and client-focused interventions and services!

OSOT Current Advocacy & Professional Priorities

Member comments and input are encouraged!