A key function of the Society is to promote the profession of occupational therapy within Ontario to a variety of audiences including the public, other professions, the health system, government, and students. Public relations materials are developed to support these initiatives and to facilitate members' ability to contribute to and share in promotion initiatives.

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OSOT Keychains


    These OSOT Keychains are a perfect way to promote OT.  With two different designs you can't go wrong! One design celebrates OT (perfect for colleagues and team members) and the other promotes OT (share a promoting message in a really usable way).  Packaged in sets of 10 by design - a really economical promotional purchase!

    $10 per pkg of 10 (+HST)
    Non-Member $15 per pkg of 10 (+HST)


    Sticky Notes


      It's always handy to have a sticky note pad around! Why not take notes in style with our OSOT or OT Ontario branded sticky note pad.

      Member $8 per pkg of 10 (+HST)
      Non-Member $13 per pkg of 10 (+HST)

      OSOT Pens

        Orange OSOT branded pens with blue gel ink. A smooth writing experience in your favourite OT orange!

        Member $13 per pkg of 10 (+HST)
        Non-Member $18 per pkg of 10 (+HST)

        OT Notecards

          An attractive collection of 8 colourful watercolour print notecards. With blank interiors they are the perfect all-purpose card and with every card that you send, you'll be promoting OT and awareness of the importance of occupation!

          Member and Non-Member $6 per pkg of 8 (+HST)
          More than 10 pkg ordered $5 per pkg of 8 (+HST)

          OT Prints

            This popular print with its distinctive "ot" depicts the index of Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy text. 18" x 24" size. Suitable for framing or mounting.

            Member $10 each OR  $15 for 2 (+HST)
            Non-Member $20 each OR  $30 for 2 (+HST)


            OSOT Water Bottles


               OSOT Water Bottles are the perfect practical products for professional promotion. This 16 oz. stainless steel water bottle can fit just about anywhere and with the caribeaner, it can be attached almost anywhere

              Member $10 each (+HST)
              Non-Member $15 each (+HST)


              You, Me and my OT

                "Emma wants to be an astronaut. She also has a disability. That's no problem because Emma and Katie, her occupational therapist, make a plan so that Emma can blast off with the rest of her class!"

                Member $10 each (+HST)
                Non-Member $12 each (+HST)

              Restoring the Spirit

                Judith Friedland's Restoring the Spirit: The Beginnings of Occupational Therapy in Canada, 1890 - 1930
                An informative look at the origins of the field that now has over thirteen thousand practitioners in Canada, Restoring the Spirit is also the compelling story of the rise of working women and their crucial contributions to the history of healthcare. 

                Member $26 each (+HST)
                Non-Member $40 each (+HST)