OSOT Volunteer Opportunities

OSOT volunteer roles contribute to the work and accomplishment of the Society in meaningful ways! The Society could not achieve what it does without the good will and expertise of its members' contributions! The Society is committed to enabling a mutually beneficial volunteer experience and our goal is to ensure that a volunteer role gives back to you too!

Updated April 16, 2021

Consider a role on the OSOT Board of Directors!

The annual Call for Nominations for 3 positions on the OSOT Board of Directors has a deadline of May 10, 2021. This year we seek a Vice-President/Secretary and 2 Director-at-Large positions to assume 2 year terms commencing in September 2021. If you're looking for an opportunity to expand your breadth of knowledge and perspective of the profession of occupational therapy and to develop your leadership skills, these roles can be for you! See Call for Nominations.

Join our new Task Force on Equity, Diversity, Justice and Engagement!

We're looking for additional members for our time-bounded task force that will advise OSOT on strategies to live our commitment to identify and address racism, systemic oppression and social injustice affecting members and occupational therapy in Ontario. View our Call for Volunteers and DRAFT Task Force Terms of Reference. 

OSOT Adult Mental Health Team
Do you work with adults who experience mental health issues? Our Team is recruiting new members! Contribute to OSOT's monitoring and identification of issues affecting OT practice relating to adult mental health, identifying needs of OTs practising with this focus and assisting the Society to address these. View the Team's Terms of Reference. Interested? We request that members submit a CV and a brief statement of interest. Contact us.

OSOT Older Adults' Health Team
Do you work with older adults?  Our Team is recruiting new members!  We've recently changed the name of our Seniors Mental Health Team to be more inclusive to ensure the content of the Team's work reflects the needs of members working complex geriatric clients. Rarely do geriatric mental health issues occur in isolation: rather, there is most often a complex interplay of physical, functional, cognitive and mood factors at play when supporting the occupational needs/concerns of older adults across practice settings. Teamwork can be a terrific opportunity to contribute and to learn! View Team's Terms of Reference. Interested? We request that members submit a CV and a brief statement of interest. Contact us.

OSOT Long-Term Care Homes Team
Do you work in a long-term care home and want to see OT in LTCHs thrive?  OSOT's Long-Term Care Homes Team works to support our advocacy to increase access to OT services in long-term care homes. With new funding policies in homes, we want to promote the important roles OTs play in supporting resident's quality of life and ability to participate in occupations that are meaningful to them and to assist homes to meet the performance indicators on which they are measured. Additional members are welcomed, your insights and experience can help! Team meets by teleconference/Zoom approximately monthly. View the Team's Terms of Reference. Interested? We request that member submit a CV and a brief statement of interest. Contact us.

OSOT Hospital Team
Do you work in a hospital in the North East or North West regions?
The Hospital Sector Team works to monitor, identify and address issues affecting occupational therapy practice in hospitals across Ontario to ensure that an occupational therapy voice is heard. The team is looking to add another member, preferably from North East or North West regions. View the Team's Terms of Reference. Interested? We request members submit a CV and brief statement of interest. Contact us.

Support a Prospective OT Student to learn more about our Profession - offer to meet with or have a student shadow you
Can you share what you've loved about your career, what your day to day work looks like and help someone better understand OT? We get frequent requests from individuals considering a career in occupational therapy to meet with OTs, to be able to interview someone over the phone or to shadow their practice for a few hours or more. We're keen to help students ensure this is the right profession for them and to attract those that are interested. Can you help out the odd time? If so, update your online member profile to indicate that you're willing. Once you login, click on the "My Profile" link at the top of the page and then go to the "Practice Information" section and "Release of Information" sub-section to update your preferences.