OSOT Volunteers

Our volunteers’ efforts inspire, motivate and support the Society to undertake and make progress on our strategic plan that aims to position OSOT to lead by providing vision, voice, visibility and value for Ontario occupational therapists.  

We are delighted and proud to have so many OSOT members engaged in the work of the Society. They serve and support members, promote occupational therapy, and position and advocate to engage occupational therapists to play meaningful roles influencing the ongoing development of our health care system in order to assure that Ontarians have access to the health care services that they need. Beyond all this, volunteer efforts have ripple effects, strengthening our membership community and igniting a vibrancy that is so important to our profession.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers!

Board of Directors

Alicia Dean
Harpreet Buttar
Laxee Nithiyananthan
Lu Han
Maria Borczyk
Milinda Alexander 
Neetu Kumar
Shiyen Shu
Wajeeha Chatoo

Adult Mental Health Team

Abigail Gartland
Amanda Newman
Andrea Sadler
Anna Zaffina
Ashley Lal
Bani Ahuja
Emma Bruce
Matthew Tsuda

Auto Insurance Sector Team

Galit Liffshiz
Hazel Wood
Jeff Ford
Joanne Romas
Kellie Radley
Lynne Kozina
Loreta Stanulis-Duz
Maria Stella Puopolo
Rhona Feldt-Stein
Sarah Macrae

Child and Youth Mental Health Team

Ashley Collver
Donna Dennis
Josie Szatmari
Liz Nielson
Nicole Raftis
Sue Wahl

En-AGE Team

Catherine Donnelly
Colleen McGrath
Lori Letts
Mary Egan
Sachindri Wijekoon
Shlomit Rotenberg

Home and Community Care Team

Gobika Sithamparanathan
Hilleree Valade
Hospital Sector Team

Diane Hagarty
Premika Premachandiran 
Samantha Samonte-Brown

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Engagement Task Force

Aaron Palmer
Fatima Quraishi
Gobika Sithamparanathan
Marnie Lofsky
Milinda Alexander
Sasha Stewart 
Seema Sindwani
Shadia Balram

Long-Term Care Homes Team

Debbie Branch
Joanne Kular

Older Adults Health Team

Ashley Hrytsyk
Melinda Machado-Cayley

ONCA (Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act) Subcommittee

Heather McDonald
Jeanette Johnston
Maria Borczyk
Marnie Lofsky
Martha Bauer
Melissa Aldoroty
Milinda Alexander
Shadia Balram

Primary Health Care Team

Catherine Donnelly
Colleen O'Neill
Diane Dowdell
Lori Letts
Martha Bauer

Retired Members Team

Briana Zur
Elizabeth Steggles
Emilie Embrey 
Thelma Cameron

School-Based Occupational Therapists Team

Amy Quilty
Brenda Johnson
Erin Knobl 
Estera Lackovic
Janet Carioni 
Julie McNamara
Sangita Kamath
Stephanie Ellis

Seating and Mobility Team

Brenlee Mogul-Rotman
Deborah Cox
Marlene Adams
Neetu Kumar
Rebecca Vanderburgh
Tanya Falkenberg

Strategic Advocacy Team

Beth Linkewich
Marnie Lofsky
Martha Bauer
Milinda Alexander
Shadia Balram

Workplace Mental Health Team

Adeena Wisenthal
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia
Brenda Power Ahmad
Chantel Brammer
Cheryl Wakefield
Heidi McLarty
Jocelyn Cowls
Karen Pontello
Laura Kalef
Lydia Beck
Maha Wakim
Moira Kenyon
Sandra Moll
Vikki Madden

2022 OSOT Conference Planning Team

Kelly Wendt
Kristin Bouma
Laxee Nithiyananthan
Marika Beaumont

University Student Liaisons

Brianna Palmateer
Cindy Li
Claire Motyer
Haley Gabel
Justine Lacasse
Katie Alexander
Paige Barkowsky
Sarah Stewart Grantham
Zoey Feder

Additional Volunteers 2022-23

Aaron Yuen
April Belbeck
April Vander Veen
Bianca Stern
Carrie Anne Marshall
Cathie Kissick
Charlotte Larry
Christie Brenchley
David Guo
Heather McDonald
Jan Kernaghan
Jessie Wilson
John Clack
Karen Rucas 
Kim Schryburt-Brown
Laura Khoo
Mat Shaw
Melissa Aldoroty
Moira Hunter-Kenyon
Moira Peña
Nancy Gowan
Nicole Brum
Sandra Sahagian Whalen

Please note: Unintentional human error may have resulted in omission of a volunteer's name. If your name, or that of a colleague, should be added to the list, please accept our sincere apology and promise to correct this unfortunate oversight immediately upon receiving your notification. Please contact us at osot@osot.on.ca.