Official Documents of 2012


  Name of Documents PDFs
Response to HPRAC Consultation on Ministerial referral on Mandatory Revocation Provisions and Treatment of Spouses by Regulated Health Professions, January 2012 (PDF)
Business Plan for the Ontario Concussion-MTBI Strategy, January 2012 (PDF)
OSOT Submission to Auditor General re Value for Money review of Auto Sector - Feb 2012 (PDF)
The Integration of OT into FHT-poster presentation, February 2012  (PDF)
OT in Long Term Care, a promotional flyer, March 2012  (PDF)
Children & Youth Mental Health Occupational Therapy Screening Tool, April 2012 (PDF)
Submission to Standing Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs on Bill 2, Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit, April 2012  (PDF)
Communique #6 - April 2012 Final (PDF)
OSOT communication Letter to FSCO re Codes 7SF12 and 7SF15 - May 2012 (PDF)
Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit Letter May 3rd 2012 (PDF
OSOT GR Positions - Supporting Ontario Action Plan for Health Care May 2012  (PDF)
Communique #7 - June 2012 Final  (PDF)
Supporting Successful Rehabilitation and Transition from Hospital to Home, July 2012 (PDF)
Supporting Successful Aging at Home, July 2012  (PDF)
Supporting Efficient Ambulatory Restorative Therapy Services, July 2012 (PDF)
Supporting Child & Youth Mental Health, July 2012 (PDF)
Supporting Independence in Chronic Disease Management (PDF)
Occupational Therapy in Primary Health Care-Brochure, October 2010  (PDF)
OSOT Response to COTO Consult on draft Standard re use of Title Psychotherapist - Oct 24, 2012 (PDF)
Seniors Care Submission OPA OSOT - October 2012 (PDF)
OSOT - Supporting Health System Transformation 2012 (PDF)