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Assistive Technology in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice: Perceptions of Practitioners and Academic Curriculum Leaders

Principal Investigator: Shannon Gravelle, OT Reg. (Ont.), Doctoral Candidate in the Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership (Queen's University)

Associate Investigators: Dr. Beata Batorowicz, Queen’s University and Dr. Sandra Fucile, Queen's University

Purpose and description of study:
The purpose of the study is to explore how occupational therapists who work with children perceive occupational therapy and Assistive Technology (AT). The research will focus on OTs discussing their education/graduate-level curriculum on Assistive Technology (AT), their perceptions of AT within their clinical practice, their perceptions of the strengths and challenges of occupational therapy and AT, and what they envision for the future of occupational therapy and AT.

Target audience for participation:
a) work as registered OTs with school-age children (ages 5 to 21 years) in Ontario and b) graduated since 2018 and have a minimum of one year of clinical occupational therapy experience. 
Participation will involve a 1-hour virtual interview via telephone or Microsoft Teams, depending on participant preference. A $25 e-gift card will be provided as a thank you for participation.

Study procedures: Participants will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire and participate in a 90-minute virtual focus group. Participants will receive a $75 online gift card to a store of their choice after participating in the focus group.

Please contact Shannon Gravelle for any questions or additional information. 

Letter of Information and Consent Form to Participate

Deadline to participate: March 30, 2024