The relationship of OSOT with manufacturers and distributors of health care related retail products, service provider agencies, and other organizations that have interest in serving the needs of occupational therapists is important and can be mutually advantageous.  A relationship with a suitable corporation can assist OSOT to meet it's objectives and support its membership.

OSOT will accept sponsorship and external funding for those activities which support the strategic goals of the Association from sponsors who are deemed to meet defined criteria for sponsorship.  OSOT will not endorse, by any manner or means, the products of any other organization, agency or corporation.

A “business sponsorship” for the purposes of this policy is defined as a relationship in which a government program, agency, foundation, individual or for-profit business, (known as the “sponsor”) supports a program activity, event or other cause identified by OSOT.  This may or may not be in return for any type of recognition from OSOT and could include a “donation” defined as a gift of money, materials or services of a charitable nature for which no consideration is required.

OSOT will accept sponsorship and external funding only for those activities that support the goals, values and strategic directions of the Society. View OSOTs Mission, Vision and Structure and OSOT's Strategic Plan.

All sponsorship relationships shall be documented in a formal sponsorship agreement/Memorandum of Understanding, signed by all involved parties.

Sponsorship and funds may be accepted from government and other agencies, foundations, corporations or individuals providing there is no association between the funds and a product which is in conflict with the Society mission and goals.

OSOT’s decision to participate in a business sponsorship shall not in any way influence any of OSOT’s purchasing decisions, processes, or regulatory compliance.

The Board of Directors may grant authority to staff for the solicitation of sponsorship or funds and authorize modifications in the external funding procedures providing such authority does not violate the provision or intent of the policy.

OSOT reserves the right to insert a statement which describes the type of support or relationship of a sponsor to any activity of the Society.

OSOT should not be seen to provide any explicit endorsement of any business product or service.

A proposed business sponsorship with a fair market value of less than $5,000 shall have the approval of the President or Executive Director or his or her designate. A Memorandum of Understanding (short letter) is needed.

A proposed business sponsorship with a fair market value of $5,000 or more shall have the approval of the OSOT Board of Directors. A more detailed memorandum is required. 

OSOT reserves the right to terminate an existing corporate sponsorship should the sponsor become ineligible under any of the terms outlined in this policy.

For more information about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our office.