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Special Introductory Offer for this very first cohort is only $500 or an Early Bird rate of $350 if you sign up by April 20th. Introducing our 8-week Thrive Circle for Health Professionals – a live online journey into the practices and tools of wellbeing science. In today’s fast-paced world, burnout among health professionals has become all too common. That’s why our aim with the Thrive Circle is simple: to provide a nurturing space of connection and learning where resilience, joy, and connection can truly thrive. Spots are limited.
Throughout the 8 weeks, we’ll meet weekly for 1.5hr on Zoom to delve into various strategies and techniques rooted in wellbeing science and the core components of our Learn to Thrive program. We’ll learn about the research and tools of wellbeing science and human flourishing and we’ll equip you with practical tools to navigate the demands of your profession while nurturing your own wellbeing. But the Thrive Circle is more than just a series of sessions – it’s a community and place of learning and growth. As part of the Thrive Circle, you’ll also receive: Access to the Thrive online course videos; Guided meditation recordings to support your daily practice; A PDF manual with summaries and reflection prompts to deepen your understanding and reflection. Join us in the Thrive Circle and take the first step towards reclaiming balance, finding joy in your work, and fostering connections that sustain you. Because when we thrive as individuals, we’re better equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.
A sample of topics explored: broaden and build theory; negativity bias; neuroplasticity; gratitude; self compassion; working with our thoughts; strengths; relationships; flow theory and practice; stress response and tools to calm; and much more.