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OSOT - Scratching the Surface: The Science and Safety behind Choosing a Support Surface

Triina Forbell (she/her), R.Kin. CSPHA, Clinical Educator, Savaria Patient Care
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This webinar aims to help you understand the wide range of span surfaces and how they address your clients’ skin health and functional needs. Determining what features of a surface are important for your clients’ functional needs is an essential tool in your clinical tool box. In this webinar, we will explore: The purpose, features, and benefits of all span surfaces. The types of surface materials including powered and non-powered options. Considerations of surface features to address functional needs. Maintenance considerations once a surface is prescribed to ensure ongoing safety and suitability.
By the end of this webinar you will be able to: Understand the purpose and use of pressure redistribution surfaces to manage a client’s risk factors for developing a pressure injury. Develop an understanding of common materials and features and modalities of a surface including foam, air, alternating pressure (AP), lateral rotation (LR) and microclimate management (MCM). Develop an understanding of the considerations for prescribing a surface based on a client’s functional needs.
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