Membership Categories

The Society offers four membership categories for occupational therapists (OTs), and student occupational therapists and those interested in the occupational therapy profession in Ontario are eligible for other membership categories.


Active Membership

Occupational therapists meeting the eligibility criteria are eligible to be Active Members. Active members can vote and have access to full member benefits. Eligibility criteria include:

  • The Member must be living and/or working in the province of Ontario, AND
  • The Member must be eligible to practice occupational therapy in Ontario (or another province if applicable) to be eligible for practising status, OR
  • The Member must have graduated from an occupational therapy educational program in Canada accredited by the CAOT or from a non-Canadian occupational therapy educational program recognized by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, and have successfully completed one thousand (1000) hours of fieldwork or clinical practice or can provide evidence of full membership in the professional association in the country where their occupational therapy education was received; 

Active Membership Categories

1. Practising
 - Practising occupational therapy or employed within healthcare (clinical or non-clinical role) and is registered or is in the process of imminently registering with the College as an occupational therapist. 

2. Non-Practising - Currently unemployed but may be anticipating a return to practice. Or on a scheduled leave, such as parental or health.

3. Retired - Retired from practice and formally resigned College registration or will be resigning prior to the next COTO renewal.

4. New Graduate - Within one year of graduation from a WFOT-approved school of occupational therapy.

5. Honorary Life - Members who are recipients of the Society’s most prestigious membership award are granted Honorary Life Member status.


Additional Membership Categories

1. Student - Students currently enrolled in a Canadian, CAOT accredited university program in occupational therapy. Student members have access to all membership benefits and services but do not carry a right to vote.

2. Associate - Associate Members are not eligible for any other class of membership and may or may not be an occupational therapist.


Fees & Application

The OSOT membership year runs between October 1st to September 30th.

2023-24 Membership Year Fee Schedule

All first time paying members get a 50% discount on full annual fees.
(Membership Fees are before HST)

 Category  Annual Fee
Aug. 15 - Dec. 31
Jan. 1 -
March 31

April 1 -
June 30
July 1 -
Aug. 14
 Practising*  $255.00 $191.25 $127.50 $63.75 
 Non-Practising*  $133.00  $99.75   $66.50 $33.25
 Associate*  $129.00  $96.75   $64.50 $32.25
 Retired*    $29.65  $22.24   $14.83  $7.41
 Student/New Graduate Membership Only  Complimentary   - -
 New Graduate Membership
+ Complimentary
Professional Liability Insurance
 Complimentary membership
+ insurance
  - -

* Pro-Rated Fees 

Membership fees are pro-rated on a quarterly basis at January 1st, April 1st, and July 1st.

2023-24 Insurance Premium Schedule

(Insurance Premiums are before 8% PST)

Liability Insurance Flyer

 Insurance Policy  Annual Premium
Aug. 15 - Dec. 31
 Jan. 1 - March 31 April 1 - June 30   July 1 - Aug. 14 
 Professional Liability    $78.00    $60.00  $40.00 $20.00 
 Commercial General Liability
($2 million)
 $138.00   $104.00 $70.00 $36.00 
 Commercial General Liability
 ($5 million)
 $203.00  $153.00 $102.00 $51.00
 Corporation Coverage    $32.00    $24.00 $16.00   $8.50
$138.00  ($25,000)
$150.00  ($50,000)
 $400.00 ($100,000)

$103.50  ($25,000)
$112.50  ($50,000)
 $300.00 ($100,000)

$69.00  ($25,000)
$75.00  ($50,000)
$200.00  ($100,000)

$36.00  ($25,000)
$39.00  ($50,000)
 $100.00 ($100,000)


Apply/Renew Now! 

: All membership applications beside New Graduates and Students are deemed “Pending” until a review of eligibility is completed within 1-2 days.

Payment Options

OSOT membership fees may be paid by Credit Card through PayPal (Visa or Mastercard).

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