Fees & Application Forms

The OSOT membership year is from October 1st to September 30th. It is a requirement that all members, except Honorary Life members, pay an annual fee in accordance with the fee schedule.

2018-2019 Membership Year Fee Schedule

(Membership Fees are plus HST)

 Category  Annual Fee April 1st - June 30th  July 1st - August 15th 
 Practising*  $223 $111.50 $55.75 
 Non-Practising*  $115 $57.50 $28.75 
 Associate*  $112 $56  $28
 Retired*  $26 $13  $6.50
 New Graduate Membership Only  Complimentary - -
 New Graduate Membership
+ Complimentary
Professional Liability Insurance
 Complimentary membership
+ insurance
- -

* Pro-Rated Fees 

Membership fees are discounted by 50% after April 1st and by 75% after July 1st for new members. A "New" member is someone who has not been a member in the past three years.

2018-2019 Insurance Premium Schedule

(Insurance Flyer)

(Insurance Premiums include tax and admin fees)

 Insurance Policy  Annual Premium  January 1st -
March 31st
April 1st -
June 30th
After July 1st 
 Professional Liability  $69 $53.07  $37.14 $21.21 
 Commercial General Liability
($2 miliion)
 $129.60 $97.20 $64.80 $32.40 
 Commercial General Liability
 ($5 miliion)
 $189  $141.75 $94.50  $47.25
 Corporation Coverage  $31.32  23.49 $15.66  $7.83
 Office/Clinic $324
 * *

* Office/Clinic Premiums 

The Office/Clinic policy is not pro-rated for new policies like the other insurance products however, when purchasing the office/clinic policy in the middle of a policy year, the remaining pro-rated premium for the current policy year is charged along with the next year's premium. OSOT will facilitate the premium calculation when you app[y for coverage.

To Apply

Apply online for membership or if your prefer, download our 2018-2019 membership application form and scan/email, mail or fax it back to our office.  

Note: All membership applications beside New Graduates and Students are deemed “Pending” until a review of eligibility is completed. This should take only 1-2 business days and at that point, you will be contacted by email to inform you that your application has been accepted or if any further requirements need to be met. Receipts or certificates will not be available until the membership eligibility review is complete.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the OSOT Office.

Payment Options

OSOT membership fees may be paid by;

  • Cheque or Money Order (payable to OSOT)
  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

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