OSOT Honourary Life Membership Award

Members of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists (OSOT) have the opportunity to recognize and honour a colleague who has rendered distinguished and longstanding service to the profession of occupational therapy or to the Society with a designation of an Honourary Life Membership. The Honourary Life Membership Award is awarded each year to one eligible individual who is a current or past member of OSOT.

Nomination Criteria

  • Individuals who are current or past members of OSOT.
  • A minimum of 3 nominators supporting each nomination. Each nominator must be a current member of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in June. One Honourary Life Membership Award may be selected and will be notified by late June. Recognition will take place at the next Awards and Recognition Ceremony. Selections made by the Board of Directors are final and cannot be challenged.  
OSOT's Life Members include:

Sue Baptiste Margaret Young
April Belbeck Barbara Cawley
Christie Brenchley Jill Cruickshank
Marilyn Conibear
Judith Friedland
Anna Greenblatt Debra Kennedy
Mary Law Helene Polatajko
Barbara Quinn Susan Rappolt
Karen Rucas Debra Stewart
Anne Strickland Thelma Sumsion

Pat Fisher, Debbie Hebert, Thelma Cardwell, Ethel Clark, Sheila Irvine, Helen Levesconte, Barbara Posthuma, Ann Richards, Isobel Robinson, and Helen Smith
, are Honourary Life members now sadly missed.