BrainFx Cognitive Assessment Tools


The Society is please to have secured members a 20% discount on selected BrainFx cognitive assessment tools!

Created by Canadian OTs, BrainFx measures what other cognitive tests can miss by delivering clinically useful online and tablet-based clinical assessment tools. BrainFx assessments distinguish themselves by being specifically designed to measure the functional impact of early or mild to moderate brain disorders of all types and can be used for baselines and comparisons to create more targeted treatment plans and tracking functional outcomes over time.

BrainFx provides its members with a suite of clinical assessments that make it easy to build highly personalized neurofunctional profiles and to get the clinical information they need, when and how they need it. Members can select from three assessments:

  • BrainFx SCREEN (10-15 minutes) - a quick screen of 7 complex functional cognitive skills
  • BrainFx VCA (30-minutes) - a completely virtual/contactless assessment of 25 functional cognitive skills
  • BrainFx 360 (90-minutes) - a comprehensive assessment of 30 functional cognitive skills plus sensory skills, behaviour, physical skills, ADLs, and more

BrainFx simplifies the entire assessment process from preparation to analysis by leveraging the power of technology and harnessing automation for streamlined scoring and reporting. Advanced data analytics are supported with customizable normative cohorts to enable better clinical insight and analysis; and clinical support guides, recommendations and templates can help with treatment planning, reporting writing and more.

Plus, BrainFx members get more than just best-in-class assessments and post-assessment resources; they also get access to discounts on BrainFx partner technologies, exclusive marketing resources and exposure, an invitation to join a growing online network of clinicians and experts, and more. 

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NEW: BrainFx has joined forces with Highmark Interactive to deliver an even more powerful suite of digital health tools to assist OTs with the early detection of neurological, neurofunctional and psychological dysfunction, as well as offer personalized and precision care planning. By combining Highmark Interactive’s patient-led “EQ Brain Performance” app and BrainFx’s clinician-led digital and virtual assessments, a better approach to brain and mental wellness is unlocked.

Together, EQ and BrainFx enable a new model of care that brings together patient and provider, empowering them to jointly create a highly personalized, data-rich moving picture of brain health, mental wellness and neurofunction over time for earlier detection, better management, and precision care. You can visit  to learn about EQ or simply get in touch with the BrainFx team to learn more

(Note: OSOT does not endorse any specific cognitive screening tests.)