BrainFx Cognitive Assessment Tools


The Society is please to have secured members a 50% discount on selected BrainFx cognitive assessment tools until October 31, 2020. An ongoing 20% member discount will continue after that point.

Created by Canadian OTs, BrainFx measures what other cognitive tests can miss by delivering clinically useful online and tablet based clinical assessment tools. BrainFx Assessments are specifically designed to measure the functional impact of early or mild to moderate brain disorders of all types and can be used for baselines and comparisons to create more targeted treatment plans and tracking functional outcomes over time.

You can build a comprehensive profile of your client's neurofunction, which includes cognition, mood, behaviour, sleep, nutrition, activities of daily life, quality of life, and more. Integration with technology enables a more efficient and cost effective process with reporting that is immediate and actionable. Choose from three assessments:

  • The quick and simple BrainFx SCREEN (10-15 minutes)
  • The comprehensive and multi-sensory BrainFx 360 (90-minutes)
  • (New) The completely virtual or contactless BrainFx VCAx (30-minutes)

Automated scoring and reporting lets you quickly analyze data-driven results and compare your client to customizable normative cohorts. The post-assessment process is simplified with BrainFx's clinical support resources that assist you in interpretation, targeted treatment planning and report writing.

As a member of the BrainFx community, you get access to best in class assessment tools, exclusive marketing resources and an online network of clinicians for connecting and learning.

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(Note: OSOT does not endorse any specific cognitive screening tests.)