OSOT Find-a-Colleague Network

Connecting You to Your Colleagues…
As a member of OSOT, one of your most valuable resources is the 4,600 + colleagues that share a commitment to OT in Ontario and the Society. No matter how little, or how long you’ve been practising, the opportunity to network with colleagues who share your interests and foci can enrich your practice. Whether to ask questions, seek guidance, share knowledge, brainstorm ideas, or just connect with a like-minded individual in a similar setting, or situation – nothing beats that one-to-one OT contact!

OSOT’s Find-a-Colleague Tool connects you to your membership network and enables you to find colleagues who meet your search criteria and have expressed an interest and willingness to network. Simply enter your search criteria to access names and contact information.  Then it’s up to you to reach out and expand your professional network!

Who is Listed in the OSOT Find-a-Colleague Network?

Any member who has identified on their membership profile that they are interested/willing to be contacted for the purposes of networking. If you're not sure if you've indicated this on your membership profile, you can check and indicate your willingness in your Membership Profile, now fully accessible on the OSOT website. Just "Sign In" to the site and select "My Profile" at the top of the page. Thereafter select the "Practice Information" tab and then the "Release of Information" tab.

Begin using the Find-a-Colleague Tool