OT Month Proclamations 2018

Occupational therapists know that October is OT Month but, we want all of Ontario to know that!  To this end, OSOT has contacted municipalities across the province to request Proclamation of October as Occupational Therapy Month.  Not only does this promote occupational therapy as a profession to the municipal Council that is considering the request, but additionally, the designation of OT Month in a local community affords the opportunity to promote this to local media and to spread the word even further.

We're delighted with the response!

Is your city/town listed?  Get involved in spreading the word!
  1. Check the list below to see if your community has proclaimed October OT Month.

  2. Click on the city/town name to view the actual Proclamation if available.  Post it in your workplace, send it to your organization's Executive, use it to promote awareness through your network!

  3. Beside each engaged community is a listing of local media contacts - radio and TV stations and newspapers. Click on the name to access contact information.  Local media channels are always looking for relevant community content.  A proclamation of OT Month can be a catalyst for coverage about OT, sharing of a human interest story, focusing an interview on OT, etc.  Let's get these local media involved!  We've provided links to these contacts and OSOT would be pleased to support members who would be willing to make media contacts, be available for an interview, could provide a human interest story, etc.  Please contact us if you are interested to get involved!  Or, gather a group of colleagues and make a contact to your local media.  We'd love to hear what you do!
Ontario Cities/Towns Proclaiming October to be Occupational Therapy Month to Date

 Media Contact


The Burlington Gazette
Burlington Snapd 
Kenora Daily Miner 

The Whig 
Kingston This Week
The Kingston Herald
Kingston East News

    North Bay
 North Bay Nugget
North Bay Snapd 
Pickering Durham Region News
Pickering Snapd 
 Thunder Bay The Chronical Journals

 Toronto The Toronto Star 
The Toronto Sun
Toronto Globe and Mail
Metro News
 Whitby Durham Region News 
The Rock Radio