Workshop & Course Listings

Upcoming professional development opportunities of interest to occupational therapists are listed below. Please note that listing of an event does not suggest endorsement by the Society.

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Listing your Professional Development Event
OSOT posts information about professional development events deemed by the Society to be relevant to OT without charge. Contact the OSOT Office if you wish to submit a workshop or course listing.

Workshops & Webinars

 OSOT Workshops and Webinars 
 For a list of current workshops and webinar that OSOT offers.

 Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists 
 For list of current courses, events and workshops that CAOT offers.

 Institute for Work and Health 
 For list of current courses, events and workshops that Institute for Work and Health offers.

 Gowan Consulting Workshops 
 Gowan Consulting offers a variety of workshops, webinars and presentations for you professional development.

 Jack Hirose and Associates - High Functioning Autism, Proven and Practical Interventions for 
 May 6-7, 2019

 Lakeridge Health - Practical Evaluation and Treatment of Common Balance Disorders 
 May 4-5, 2019

 Ellen Yack and Associates- Occupational Therapists- Agents of Change for Individuals With ASD 
 May 5-6, 2019

 Jack Hirose and Associates - What To Do After the Meltdown, Practical Strategies for Prevention 
 May 6, 2019

 Seeing the Big Picture - Impacts of Trauma and Stages of Development 
 May 6, 2019

 Kim Barthel Conference 
 May 6, 2019

 Jack Hirose and Associates - What is it About Me You Don't Like, Practical Classroom Management 
 May 7, 2019

 AdvantAge Ontario - Advancing Senior Care 
 May 6-8, 2019

 Gaining Confidence in Driver Screening- Skills for the Occupational Therapist 
 May 9, 2019

 OSLA - The 5th Biannual Dr. Mark Ylvisaker Honorary Lecture 
 May 10, 2019

 20th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference 
 May 10-11, 2019

 PLAY Project Intensive Workshop 
 May 16-17, 2019

 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - The Prechtl General Movement Assessment Basic Course 
 May 17-20, 2019

 Sunnybrook- The Prechtl General Movement Assessment Basic Course 
 May 17-20, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Perception, pain and plasticity- Evidence for bottom-up and top-down approaches in re 
 May 21, 2019

 McMaster University - Top Ten Insights on Enhancing Equitable Access to Assistive Technologies 
 May 23, 2019

 UofT - Power of Attorney and Capacity and Consent- What Every Practitioner Needs to Know 
 April 29 - May 26, 2019

 Jack Hirose and Associates - 2 Day Intensive - Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 
 May 27-28, 2019

 CAOT Conference 2019 
 May 29 - June 1, 2019

 The Conference Board of Canada - Operationalizing Workplace Mental Health - Strategy to Action 
 Toronto, ON - February 27, 2019 Halifax, NS - March 5, 2019 Calgary, AB - March 21, 2019 Ottawa, ON - April 9, 2019 Vancouver, BC - May 29, 2019

 UofT - S Age Social Dimensions in Aging 
 May 30, 2019

 Baycrest - Interventions for Memory and Aging 
 June 3, 2019

 Ananda Mental Health Workshops - CBT for Depression and Psychosis 
 June 6-7, 2019

 OOHNA Conference 2019 
 June 6-7, 2019

 UHN - Hypertonicity Intervention Workshop 
 June 7-9, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Work disability prevention- A primer for occupational therapists 
 June 11, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Occupational therapist's role in screening and assessing people who have sustained a 
 June 11, 2019

 Alliance for Healthier Communities - Community Health Connections 2019 
 June 12-13, 2019

 Introduction to Splinting (For Immobilization) Workshop 
 June 15, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Best practice in return to work intervention for clients who have experienced trauma 
 June 18, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Securite a domicile et sante mentale - mieux comprendre pour mieux l’evaluer 
 19 juin 2019

 OBIA Advanced Brain Injury Rehabilitation 
 June 19 - 21, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Self-injurious behaviour- Insights and interventions for occupational therapists 
 June 25, 2019

 Bonefit Workshops 
 Miland, ON April 27-28, Cobourg, ON May 4-5, Kingston, ON June 8-9, Sarnia, ON June 22-23, Toronto, ON July 6-7, 2019

 Occupational Performance Coaching- Coaching clients to enable participation 
 July 18, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Low cost and free assessments for the occupational therapist 
 August 6, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Tricky lifts and transfers- When the basic sling doesn't make the cut 
 August 13, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - New perspectives in our understanding of autism spectrum disorder- A primer for occup 
 August 20, 2019

 Copy of CAOT Webinar - Low cost and free assessments for the occupational therapist 
 August 27, 2019

 CAOT Webinar - Psychosocial needs of persons living in social housing- Implications for occupational 
 August 27, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Dementia Care- A Comprehensive Approach to Support Aging in Place 
 September 13-14, 2019

 CAOT Workshop - Bathroom and Kitchen Modifications 
 September 16-17, 2019

 Biennial Global Ageing Conference 2019 
 September 17-19, 2019

 AFHTO 2019 Conference 
 September 19-20, 2019

 Ananda Mental Health Workshops - Calming the Emotional Storm, Using DBT to Help 
 September 23-24, 2019

 10th Canadian Conference on Dementia 
 October 3-5, 2019



 UHN Bobath Certificate Course in the Management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury 

 Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute and ACHIEVE Training Centre 

 Gestalt - Child-Parent Somatic Psychotherapy International Training Program 

 Achieve - Centre for Leadership and Workplace Performance 

 Matheson - Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation 

 Matheson - Cost of Future Care and Life Care Planning Certification 

 Matheson - Cognitive Rehabilitation for Practicing Clinicians 

 Institute for Life Course and Aging - How to Rune a Caregiver Support Group Using Different Modaliti 

 Institute for Life Course and Aging - Substance Misuse Among Older Adults - An Overview of Psycho 

 Institute for Life Course and Aging - Grief Interventions for all Types of Situational Loss 

 Matheson - Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation 

 Ideas - Advanced Learning Program 

 Institute for Life Course and Aging - End-of-Life Interventions for Palliative Individuals 

 McMaster Learn How - Virtual Masterclass 

 OPA - Introduction to Wound Care Management for Physiotherapists and Other Health Care Professionals 

 Ryerson University - Workplace Communication Skills for Inter-professional Health Care Teams 

 Institute for Life Course and Aging - End of Life Interventions For Palliative Individuals 

 OPA - Wound Care Principles and Assessment 

 Back Works - NDT Introductory Workshop in the Management of Adults with Stroke, Brain Injury and Oth 
 November 30 - December 1, 2019

 Back Works - Developing Support and Reach in the UE 
 October 19, 2019

 Back Works - Managing the Pusher - An NDT Perspective 
 September 7, 2019

 UofT -Oxygen Administration and Titration for Physical Therapists and Regulated Health Professionals 
 May 27 - June 23, 2019

 Back Works - NDTA Advanced Gait Course 
 June 19-23, 2019

 Back Works - Treating Individuals with Ataxia Using an NDT Approach 
 May 25, 2019